Storm Drain Repair Replacement

Today, AAADRAIN specialists would like to tell you about drain and storm drain repair.

Recently, we’ve ran into a situation where those two systems were running far from each other and the runoff was going in different directions. We replaced both the drain and the storm drain then installed two backwater valves – one for the storm drain, and another for the drain. Of course this is much more expensive than simply replacing one of the pipes. However, the systems were located relatively far from each other and pipe replacement would invite problems in the future.

storm drain repair

Storm Drain Repair or Replacement?

There are numerous things to consider when cleaning, replacing storm drain pipes, or conducting storm drain repair. By storm drain pipes we mean pipes that are located underground, not the eaves-trough (eaves-troughs need to be cleaned once a year). First, make sure that your drain and storm drain systems do not have traps on their main lines. Traps are the cause of 99% of all drain problems. Additionally, its favorable to have two back-to-back clean-outs installed since they allow for much easier access to the drain system.

When to consider storm drain replacement

When replacing a drain system you must consider that drain systems usually are located close to each other (about 1 foot apart). Thus, if you’re going to be replacing your main drain line, consider replacing your storm drain as well instead of having to perform another storm drain repair in the future. This will save you money in the future as you won’t need to spend extra money to dig down to the systems again.

Additionally, consider the weather conditions when replacing your drain systems. when installing a backwater valve, eaves-troughs are turned off. Thus if there is a rainstorm, it is better to wait until fairer, dry conditions. Otherwise, you would have rainwater running on your surface. Finally, the drain system has a relatively stable load throughout the year, while the storm drain load depends on the weather.

Why you should choose AAADRAIN

Why choose us? AAADRAIN specialists have 15 years of experience solving various drain problems across GTA. All of our work is licensed and insured. We confidently provide warranties for decades. There are never any hidden fees or unnecessary procedures. Call us for a free consultation.

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

When it comes to commercial drain cleaning Toronto businesses always need a quick and reliable service. That’s because blocked drains will always be urgent problems for many businesses and establishments.

Commercial drainage cleaning services

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

Why are blocked drains an urgent concern for many commercial establishments?

One reason is that it interrupts business operations. Imagine having a flooded office because of the sudden heavy rain last night. It’s even a coincidence that clogs are already in the way. That’s why there’s accumulated water in certain places.

Aside from that, the flood is sure to make the office items and other workplace equipment far from functional. Add to that the damage to the property. Both in the short run and long term the business needs to spend a large amount for repairs and replacements.

Commercial drain cleaners

That’s why many hire commercial drain cleaners to prevent the flooding problem early on. Unblocking drains needs a professional touch because of its laborious nature and need for expertise.

Unclogging drains is only about removing the accumulated dirt and debris from inside the drain system. However, the debris could be pretty solid which makes it hard to remove. That’s why professionals often use powerful tools such as a drain snake to remove the solid debris.

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

Drain snaking can be laborious and it requires the use of professional tools. This way you’re sure that the job gets done right. No possible damages will also occur. Your business or commercial establishment will also benefit in the long term.

It’s good to hire the best drain cleaners because you’ll be sure of great results. You won’t have to worry about blocked drains anytime soon because you’re sure of quality services.

Local plumbers and drain experts

It’s also good to hire the best local plumbers and drain professionals who have years of experience. Their experience helps them assess the situation accurately and provide more cost-effective solutions.

It’s the same case with both plumbing and drain issues. They require expertise because of the delicate and laborious nature of the job. It’s also good to have long-term solutions in which only the experts can provide.

Many businesses often choose to work with reputable companies. That’s because they want to guarantee results. This is also to prevent any problem that might occur in the near future. These reputable companies give peace of mind.

Commercial drain cleaning services near me

It’s good to rely on someone near you. This way you can seek help anytime and expect fast services.

We understand that clogged drains require urgent and fast action. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay extra to get the services you need. What you need is a fast, excellent, and yet affordable service to unclog your drainage system.

That’s why we offer affordable prices for commercial drain cleaning Toronto services. We understand that businesses also require affordable solutions to solve all of their drain problems.

Call us now at +1 416-858-4444 for a free consultation. Tell us your problem and our friendly staff will handle your concern.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in GTA

Today, AAADrain specialists would like to tell you about our new drain replacement service which utilizes trenchless sewer repair, a non-digging technology. Such a service is available for residents of Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. It can save you money and allow us to perform necessary procedures while leaving your landscape intact. So how does it work?

How trenchless sewer repair works

Just like our most drain replacement procedures, before trenchless sewer repair we perform a camera inspection to assess the state of your drain system. We localize your drain line, check the direction of pipes, acceptable measures for the drain system. If we’re replacing an old pipe with new one its important to leave the rest of the system intact, which can get more challenging if multiple pipes change directions.

For trenchless sewer repair we need two ditches and a machine that will push new pipes through old ones. This machine is called a pipe booster. It is a rather new technology which can help you save your gardening efforts and your landscape. But for this method to work, your old pipe must have one and only one unchanging direction and the drain system must have an appropriate slope.

Water Service

Additionally, with the help of a pipe booster we can also replace your water service. Also a trenchless technology, it will save your time and money, along with leaving your landscape unscathed. It does however require more preparation work, such as a camera inspection, and if you have a large front yard it will make things much easier.

But why choose us over other drain service providers? We have 15 years of experience performing drain cleaning, drain replacement, trenchless drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, and drain pipe replacement.


With fair pricing that puts the consumer first, we never charge any hidden fees, let you know about the cost upfront, and come up with a solution that works for you. Additionally, we provide a warranty for 20 years.


We also perform full or partial drain replacement, trenchless sewer line repair, trenchless sewer replacement procedures to fix your broken sewer or replace your outdated drain with a newer one that will last decades. In addition, we can also install a backwater valve, remove any building traps, sump pumps, replace water service, and even waterproof your house from inside and outside.

All our work is licensed and under a warranty.

Call us at 416-858-4444.

Fall Drain Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Fall Drain Maintenance

Today, AAADrain specialists would like to tell you about fall drain maintenance you have to perform so that your basement stays dry for the upcoming season.

But why perform any special fall drain maintenance ? Because autumn is typically a season with plenty of precipitation, which you would definitely want to avoid in your basement. We recommend checking up on your main drain system with the help of a camera inspection. In addition, it is good to ensure that your floor drains are not clogged, if storm pipes are connected to the main drain.

fall drain maintenance

Eaves-trough Cleaning

We’d like to pay special attention to the eaves-trough. They need to be cleaned at least once a year, especially after leaves fall, and especially if you have trees around your house.

If rainwater gets stuck in eaves-trough, it can damage your foundation and run down into the basement. It is also a good idea to clean your catch basins. If any of the aforementioned devices are connected to your main drain, it would be wiser to connect them through a p-trap. P-trap cleaning takes less time and is easier to reinstall.

Cracks in walls and foundation

Check your house and if you see any cracks in walls or the foundation, patch them up with cement or appropriate material. Ensure that water cannot leak into your basement.

It is also a good idea to check the whole water system for leaks – not pipes, but devices like your toilet. You can write down the numbers from your water counter before going to sleep, and make sure it matches the one next morning.

All these fall drain maintenance measure will help prevent much more costly repairs in the future. If you struggle with any of these, call us and we will help you solve and prevent drain problems.

Why choose us over other numerous companies?

We approach every job with caution.
We are fully licensed, with 15 years of experience working around the GTA.
All our work is covered under a lengthy warranty of at least 2 decades.

So call us, and stay dry.

Drain Problems And Their Fixes

Drain Problems

Today we want to provide you insights on where drain problems typically originate from. Drain problems can usually be divided into two categories – man-caused or independent of human actions.

Drain Problems

Frequent Causes of Drain Problems

From our experience we conclude that the most frequent cause of drain problems are roots that get grown into pipes. This usually happens on drain lines with old ceramic pipes that develop cracks over time in joint areas. Then roots grow into and across the pipes. One time we even extracted a root that completely covered a 6-inch pipe.

Another frequent cause of problems may lie in a bad slope of the sewer line. You may inquire about this when purchasing a new house. A bad slope of the sewer line, along with shifts and bad pipe connections may cause backups and disrupt your life in the household.

Calcium Deposits

Serious problems may also be caused by calcium deposits. Calcium deposits are a result of excessive amounts of cooking oil and dishwashing liquid ending up in your sewer pipes. This combination creates a calcium deposit which in turn completely blocks sewer pipes.

Often, homeowners are not always aware of the conditions of their sewer pipes. Problems mentioned above occur rather frequently, resulting in sewer backups, and often lead to very expensive repairs.

Thus, for your peace of mind, we offer best-in-class drain maintenance service which is rather inexpensive and does not take much time to perform. We will assess the conditions of your pipes with a quick camera inspection, and if there are any problems, we will figure out a solution with you, that works best for you and your household.

Our 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems and skillful professionals, along with the use of latest technologies, help us provide a great service for customers across the GTA.

Stay dry.

Clogged Drain Cleaning and Replacement

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about one of your most important decisions, which is the choice of cleaning or replacement of the sewer system. If your house has a clogged sewer, it must be repaired immediately, because sewage problems make a house uninhabitable. What should you do in case of problems?

The first step that you need to take is to perform a camera inspection. This will let you know how clogged your sewer system is. When using the snake, we perform clogged drain cleaning, unclog a drain, remove the blockage from the inside, and you can start using the drain again as usual. However, there might be some complications.

Clogged Drain Replacement/h2>
When you have a building trap on the drain line, the snake will not work, if the root has grown into the pipe. Once we cut it with a snake, the root will continue to grow, which will lead to new problems – backups, and clogging the sewage system again. Also, shifts may occur in your old system.

clogged drain cleaning

Consider permanent solutions, such as complete or partial drain replacement, if you often notice a bad smell in your basement.

A very important detail is the presence of building trap. 90% of all the blockages in the drain system occur at the building trap. Therefore, we recommend to remove it and install 2 back-to-back cleanouts. Cleanouts facilitate easier access to your drain system, and make it easy for us to perform clogged drain cleaning in any direction.

If you got a backup – do not panic. Just call us and we, AAADrain specialists, will fix any problems you have with your sewer system.

Why customers choose us over other companies:
– 15 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area
– Punctuality
– We keep you informed about our work, and work out out solutions together
– Take good care of your property

So call us, and stay dry.

Clogged shower drain

Clogged shower drain

Clogged shower drain? It is a hassle, and a common problem in households and even in commercial areas. Hair, soap, and minerals from hard water normally cause the problem. Dropped items that went through the drain are also one of the causes.

If left alone, clogged shower drains will lead to more problems. Overflowing water can flood the bathroom and damage the surrounding areas. That leads to more expenses. If you want to avoid more expenses and more problems, you need reliable solutions for your clogged shower drain.

Actually, there are a few things you could do on your own to unclog your shower drain. You may manually remove the clog with your hand, drain snake, or plunger. You may also use some chemicals to dissolve and break out the clog.

Blocked bathtub drain solutions

clogged shower drain
Let is explore each one and discuss the pros and cons of each:

First is by removing the jammed bathtub clog with your hand. It is simple and easy. You start by removing the drain stopper with a screwdriver. Then you pick up the clog from the inside. Here is the thing. It is hard to see what is beneath the drain stopper even if you’re using a flashlight. You might hurt yourself because you’re not sure what is the clog made up of.

Another method is by drain snaking. Drain snakes are quite flexible and can work their way through drains and pipes. You can readily make a drain snake by using a wire hanger (that is improvising). You can also buy one from hardware stores. However, doing the drain snaking yourself might not remove the solid clogs. Also, if you’re not careful you might damage what surrounds the tub drain.

Plunging might also solve your clogged bathtub drain problem. Just make sure that there are some water surrounding the drain. That will help in making the plunger do its job. You pump a few times and move the handle up and down. It will help in making the clog come near the surface. You can then pick that up and problem solved.

If after several attempts plunging doesn’t do the trick, that is probably because the clogs are pretty solid. Using a plunger is ideal for removing mildly soft clogs. But for solid debris, you need other ways to do the job.

Unclog a shower drain

Aside from plunging, drain snaking, and manual removing, there is another way. It is the use of chemical drain cleaners. They work this way. These chemicals partially dissolve the debris. They will break out the clogs. Then they will move freely through the drain.

Many people advise to start with vinegar, baking soda, and other readily available “chemicals.” These are just mild and won’t cause damage to the drain surroundings. If you’re using harsher chemicals, just be careful and protect your eyes and skin.

For the common clogged shower drain problems, you can do one or two of the above ways. You can readily do them right after reading this. Most clogged shower drains are just caused by accumulated hair. You can easily remove the hair with the above mentioned methods.

However, there are a few cases where you really need to hire plumbing professionals. If the clogs are pretty solid and the problem is persistent, the methods mentioned above might not be enough. It is tempting to use more force or harsher chemicals. It gets tiring and the chemicals might cause personal injuries or damage to your drain.

That is why working with experts could be the best way to solve the problem. You spare yourself the labor and possible dangers. We’re not talking about a short-term solution. What we’re talking about is a long-term one.

Why? Because AAADrain professionals get to the root of the problem. We completely remove the clogs. We also prevent future problems. After we work on the problem, you might not encounter a clogged shower drain again for a long time.

A clogged shower drain is a common problem. And the solutions are simple and easy. You can go for the free or paid (hiring pros) to solve the problem. Just act fast if you don’t want the overflowing water to damage your floors. Also, act fast if you have a family or visitor coming over. You don’t want them to experience the same hassle.

AAADrain is a team of experienced and friendly professionals. We have 15 years of experience dealing with a comprehensive range of problems involving drain cleaning, replacement, repair ,and waterproofing. All our work is insured, and in many cases we provide a 25-year warranty.

Call us and stay dry.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about two ways to maintain a drain system.

Usually, problems with a drain system occur suddenly, and require immediate solutions. And oftentimes, caught off guard, people are not ready to shell out substantial amount of money to solve a problem right away.

Hence why we offer a drain cleaning solutions by a mechanical snake or a power jet, which is both inexpensive and every effective – a win-win for a customer. However, that is only a temporary solution, and problems are likely to be recur again in the future.

Drain cleaning with snake or jet

With the help of a mechanical snake we can fix, for instance, a drain blockage. However, drain blockage is just a symptom of an underlying problem, which will likely persist unless we attack its causes. A mechanical snake is a rather powerful machine. Thus, frequent drain cleaning solutions by a mechanical snake may damage your drain pipes, especially if they’re old. Repairs of such pipes will cost you even more money.

It may be tempting to simply opt for cheapest drain cleaning solutions. However, it will usually backfire in the long run. So, to determine the best solution to any drain problem, we start off by conducting a camera inspection. After the inspection the situation is clear, and our experienced workers will advise you with the best possible solution.

Clean drian with chemical solution

drain cleaning solutions

You may also try solving such problems yourself, by using, for instance, chemical cleaners. If there are trees nearby your property, their ingrown roots may cause frequent drain problems. So if you notice that you’ve been cleaning your drain frequently, and your property is within a relatively short proximity from trees, we would advise you to have your drain replaced instead.

We, specialists from AAADrain, have 15 years of experience dealing with a comprehensive set of drain problems. We have the latest technologies in our arsenal, and are ready to tackle any problem you may have with your drain system. Our workers are friendly and our solutions are sensible. Our drain replacements are insured for 25 years, and all our work is licensed.

Call us, and stay dry.

Drain Pipe Cleaning

Drain Pipe Cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about some of our recent work. Upon our arrival at the site, we saw all the signs of clogging: slow drains in all baths, kitchen sinks, and only the toilet worked fine. The house was 80-90 years old and from the client’s words, he had never changed or conducted drain pipe cleaning.

We have offered to perform drain pipe cleaning with a powerjet of a small diameter at a pressure of 2000 psi. Prior to this work, we have removed and cleaned all the little traps by hand. Then we cleaned the stack all the branches.

After establishing all the traps and performing a water test we noticed that the water does not stay in the sinks and baths anymore, and the rate of increase water running speed was obvious. Of course, complete replacement of pipes is better, but in the course of complete replacement it is usually necessary to take down the whole drywall, which adds to the cost of work.

drain pipe cleaning

Drain Pipe Cleaning vs Complete Replacement

During the above described work (partial replacement), we just cut a small piece of dry wall to replace the trap for the bathroom on the second floor of the house. We have also planned the cleaning in a way that the client could always use water while the repairs were conducted.

If you ever notice that your drain has slowed down, there are weird sounds coming from the sink, or a bad smell in your house – do not worry. Call us and we will fix it, fix any problem with minimal disruption and anxiety for your home.

We can also clean the entire underground line of your drain. We have snakes of different capacities and diameters,a powerjet, all the latest and high-tech tools for the rapid elimination of any problems you may have with your drain.

Why choose us:
– We have 15 years of experience in dealing with such problems
– We are very punctual, respect you and your property
– No price premiums
– We do not offer extra work

All our work is licensed and insured.

Call us, and stay dry.

Blockage Drain Repair

Blockage Drain Repair

Hello friends.

Today we would like to tell you about the causes of blockage in your sewer system. Causes of blockage may be different, but they all eventually lead to a backup, which can significantly deteriorates the quality of your life at home and can undermine your health. So why do blockages happen?

A very common problem are the roots that grow into connections of old ceramic pipes. Blockage can also be caused by fat that goes into your kitchen sink, hair, toilet paper, or shifts on old pipes. All this can lead to a blockage and require a blockage drain repair.

You can deal with drain blockage in different ways, each varying by price, hours of work and warranty.

Clogged Pipe and Blockage Drain Repair

If hair or a lot of toilet paper has clogged your drain, then you will need to make use of a mechanical snake. It will deal away with your blockage quickly and inexpensively, and blockage drain repair will be finished.

blockage drain repair

Drain Blockage Solutions

Otherwise, if there is an accumulation of fat, you should use a powerjet instead to save you money. If there are roots that have grown into your sewer system, then you can remove the blockage with a snake, and then clean the pipes with powerjet. However, this does not guarantee that the roots will no longer grow into your pipes. Therefore, we strongly recommend conducting a full or partial replacement of the sewage system, to prevent problems in the future.

Before conducting blockage drain repair, we recommend performing a camera inspection.

In our experience, 90-95% of all sewage problems happen in the building trap. Therefore, it is better to remove it and install of two back-to-back cleanouts in its place, which greatly simplify the processes of servicing and inspecting the sewage system.

All our work is licensed and insured. All excavated projects come with a warranty for 25 years. We carry out most of our work manually to preserve your landscape and always try to minimize the damage to your property.

Call us, and stay dry.