Sewer Backup Prevention

sewer backup

Sewer Backup In our view, regular maintenance of your sewer system plays an important role in preventing blockages or a sewer backup. This is very important as blockages or a sewer backup can cause flooding your basement. With regular maintenance, you can avoid it. Sewer systems are designed in a way that you do not notice it when everything is working properly. Conversely, problems with sewage system are impossible to ignore. The first symptoms of system failure are bad smells in your basement, a dry…read the full article…

Drain problem, deal with flood water and sewage in basement

drain problem

Drain Problem Hello friends. Today we will to teach you what to do when you unfortunately discover water or sewage in your basement. There are various reasons why water has gotten into your basement. If after a rain your basement foundation walls are damaged by water, the problem lies in waterproofing. If the water did not get to electrical devices, you are more or less in a safe situation. If it does not smell bad, there are no life-threatening bacteria and viruses, and it is…read the full article…

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