Sewer Backup Prevention

Sewer Backup

In our view, regular maintenance of your sewer system plays an important role in preventing blockages or a sewer backup. This is very important as blockages or a sewer backup can cause flooding your basement. With regular maintenance, you can avoid it.

Sewer systems are designed in a way that you do not notice it when everything is working properly. Conversely, problems with sewage system are impossible to ignore.

The first symptoms of system failure are bad smells in your basement, a dry floor drain, or wet floor near the floor drain. If you notice these in your basement or do not remember the last time you had your sewer system inspected, then call us. We will perform an inspection to prevent sewer backups and blockages. This will cost you much cheaper than replacing the entire system in case of any problems in the future.

sewer backup


Blockage or a sewer backup may occur for various reasons, for example:
• Roots, which grew up on pipe connections
• A deposit of calcium
• Fats
• Hair, food remnants
• Shifts in ceramic pipes

Prevention Strategies

Regular inspection and cleaning can easily prevent all this. Cleaning will prevent a sewer backup, after which you may be forced to repair not only the drain, but also the entire basement.

Remember, maintenance is always cheaper than repair. Inspection, cleaning, and general maintenance of the drain system should play an important role in the operation of your home.

What to Do

If you notice any malfunctions or never performed drain maintenance – call us, and our experts will carry out all the necessary procedures at a convenient time for you. Maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Why us?

We use the latest and advanced technology, coupled with a wealth of experience. We have been solving sewage problems in Toronto and GTA for 15 years. We approach each task with responsibility. We respect your property, and you never overpay. We are licensed and provide a comprehensive insurance with each job.

Call us, and stay dry.

Drain problem, deal with flood water and sewage in basement

Drain Problem

Hello friends.

Today we will to teach you what to do when you unfortunately discover water or sewage in your basement.

There are various reasons why water has gotten into your basement.

If after a rain your basement foundation walls are damaged by water, the problem lies in waterproofing.

If the water did not get to electrical devices, you are more or less in a safe situation. If it does not smell bad, there are no life-threatening bacteria and viruses, and it is most likely just common rainwater. Having said that, if the water remains there for extended periods of time, it may cause moisture and cause molding in your basement.

When the water smells bad or there is sewage, which usually appear near the floor drain, it is a drain problem. Make sure the water does not come in contact with any electrical appliances and, if possible, we recommend to turn them off. Also, try not to avoid the backup water, which is likely to contain bacteria and viruses.

drain problem

Basement flooding is possible during heavy rains when the city sewage cannot cope with the flow, and backup water can get into your basement.

All these sewage problems, problems with wet walls in your basement, and waterproofing issues can easily be solved with a single call. After the assessment and inspection with a camera, we can carry out drain cleaning, partial replacement of pipes, the complete replacement of pipes, installing backwater valve and a sump pump.

Call us; we would love to work for you.

Stay dry.