Drain Repair with Pipe Replacement

Drain Repair

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Today we want to tell you more about full and partial sewer pipe replacement, which are a crucial part of the drain repair process.

If you happen to have any problems with your system, we will conduct a camera inspection to determine the location and the cause of the problem. Usually, problems are caused by either roots in pipes, pipe collapse, an overflowing building trap, a foreign object that is blocking the whole drain system, or the lack of a slope.

drain repair blockage pipe clear

After inspection, we determine the best way to eliminate the blockage, and, subsequently, repair the drain. It usually suffices to dig out a pit and replace the problematic piece of the pipe, followed by an obligatory installation of a back-to-back cleanouts. With the help of the cleanout you can always see what’s happening in your sewer system.

After installing the cleanout we perform another camera inspection and check again the entire drain system and conclude whether our drain repair process was effective. If the sewer line still has problems, then we write up a report, and, if necessary, continue to work to address the problems. It is up to you.

In case of serious problems with your system, it is much cheaper and safer for you to change the entire sewer system and install a backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

We would like to elaborate a little on the topic of the backwater valve. There is an active City of Toronto program, under which the installation of a backwater valve will get you a rebate of 75% of the cost of, up to $ 1250 in total. In addition, the installation of backwater valve to helps reduce the price of your home insurance. It can help prevent a wet, leaky basement. We can install a backwater valve for your household either inside or outside of your home with the full or partial replacement of your sewer system.

Note that sometimes, 8 or even 10 fitting pipes are required to properly install a backwater valve due to the construction of the device.

For us, licensed AAADrain professionals, there are simply no unsolvable problems in matters of sewage, waterproofing, and water service. We have 15 years of experience in GTA and surrounding areas. We have a responsible and positive attitude in regards to our work, with which you always get a decade-long insurance.

Choosing us, you get quality and a peace of mind.

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Sewer Pipe Replacement – Full and Partial – Sewer Repair

Sewer pipe replacement

Hello friends. Today we want to tell you about situations that would require full or partial replacement of sewer pipes. Such situation can arise when, for example, something as basic as a tree root has gotten into your sewer pipe.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

The presence of that tree root, for instance, will likely cause backup blockage and sooner or later will negatively affect your everyday life at home. Furthermore, if the backup gets into your home, it may bring bacteria and viruses along that can seriously damage your health in the form of diseases and various disorders. If there is a problem in your sewer system and the issue is present only in one spot, we recommend a partial sewer pipe replacement (replacements are at least 5 feet long). However, if the fault is present in multiple spots, you will need a complete replacement of the sewage system (complete sewer pipe replacement). We usually carry it out during the camera inspection process, which helps us diagnose the problem, then locate it and come up with solutions.

After removing the blockage by a replacing the sewer pipe, we also carry out a re-inspection of your entire system up to city pipes with a camera, for free. During partial replacements we install two back-to-back clean outs, and, if needed, we can also install a backwater valve, which will help protect your home from flooding. With full replacements, as well as with partial replacements of pipes, we strongly recommend that you install backwater valve and be sure to install the clean out. During the installation of backwater valve you can get a rebate up to $1,250 from the city of Toronto.

In some special cases, when performing a complete replacement we can use a non-digging technique, thereby leaving your landscape intact and flawless.

If your sewage system is not working as you would like – do not worry. Call us and experts from AAADrain will eliminate any problem in a timely manner.

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