Trenchless Sewer Repair in GTA

Trenchless Sewer Repair in GTA

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  • January 17, 2017
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Today, AAADrain specialists would like to tell you about our new drain replacement service which utilizes trenchless sewer repair, a non-digging technology. Such a service is available for residents of Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. It can save you money and allow us to perform necessary procedures while leaving your landscape intact. So how does it work?

How trenchless sewer repair works

Just like our most drain replacement procedures, before trenchless sewer repair we perform a camera inspection to assess the state of your drain system. We localize your drain line, check the direction of pipes, acceptable measures for the drain system. If we’re replacing an old pipe with new one its important to leave the rest of the system intact, which can get more challenging if multiple pipes change directions.

For trenchless sewer repair we need two ditches and a machine that will push new pipes through old ones. This machine is called a pipe booster. It is a rather new technology which can help you save your gardening efforts and your landscape. But for this method to work, your old pipe must have one and only one unchanging direction and the drain system must have an appropriate slope.

Water Service

Additionally, with the help of a pipe booster we can also replace your water service. Also a trenchless technology, it will save your time and money, along with leaving your landscape unscathed. It does however require more preparation work, such as a camera inspection, and if you have a large front yard it will make things much easier.

But why choose us over other drain service providers? We have 15 years of experience performing drain cleaning, drain replacement, trenchless drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, and drain pipe replacement.


With fair pricing that puts the consumer first, we never charge any hidden fees, let you know about the cost upfront, and come up with a solution that works for you. Additionally, we provide a warranty for 20 years.


We also perform full or partial drain replacement, trenchless sewer line repair, trenchless sewer replacement procedures to fix your broken sewer or replace your outdated drain with a newer one that will last decades. In addition, we can also install a backwater valve, remove any building traps, sump pumps, replace water service, and even waterproof your house from inside and outside.

All our work is licensed and under a warranty.

Call us at 416-858-4444.