Trench Drain: Uses, Problems, and Solutions

Got trench drain problems? Do you want to get it cleaned and unclogged? Are you thinking of a maintenance because you suspect a drain problem?

Whichever is the case, this article will help you learn more about this particular type of drain. You will also learn about how it works and why does it encounter certain issues. No worries though. That’s because these issues are easy to solve especially if you hire drain professionals to do the job.

Anyway, we’ll first discuss about what a trench drain is and its function to residential, commercial, and industrial settings. In addition, we’ll also explore the different problems and the solutions to make the drain system working optimally. Finally, we’ll also talk about trench drain installation, repair, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Let’s start.

What is a trench drain?

Some people simply call it floor drain (although there are other types of floor drains). That’s because it’s usually installed on the floor. It has a trough and channel which allows the water to go down and flow through.

You can find this floor drain in many areas including parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. This floor drain is a straightforward way to drain water.

Many people confuse trench drains with French drains. The key difference is that the French drains are hidden and buried underneath rocks or earth. French drain is effective in preventing sub-surface water collection. This is very handy when heavy rainfall suddenly occurs. It will protect the external foundations and basements from accumulating too much water.

On the other hand, trench drains usually have grates instead of the rocks as cover. These grates filter bigger debris from further falling down. This way, you prevent the large objects from falling down and blocking the water.

How does a trench drain work?

Commonly, you’ll find French drains around homes. After all, their purpose is to protect the basements and external foundations.

On the other hand, trench drains are common in parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks at both residences and commercial buildings. It’s especially useful and neat for multi-level establishments. The drain system can neatly collect the water from the upper levels and bring it down to a better place.

In airports, industrial settings and urban landscapes, trench drains are important. They have a modern look in contrast to the French drains which require earth and rocks.

Why is this drain system important in homes and businesses?

Almost every cemented or urban area is at risk of flooding. Maybe it’s a sudden heavy rainfall or a major pipe leak. It can also be about a chemical spill.

Whichever is the case, trench drains are essential in controlling the surface water. These drains divert away the excess water from the surface. As a result, you prevent the accumulation of water on the surface. The water will then be redirected away instead of accumulating in undesirable areas.

In homes, a reliable drain system can prevent flooding or any accumulation of water on the floors of driveways, sidewalks, garages, and parking lots. The drains will be useful in diverting away rainfall or just water being used for car wash.

The benefit is the same with businesses and commercial buildings. The drains are even more important in these settings because we’re talking about a greater surface area and more users. If the area gets flooded, more people will be affected as a result.

Trench drain installation

That’s why many families and businesses install trench drains in their locations. This way, they could protect their properties, cars, and other assets from the accumulation of water.

In many businesses and buildings, trench drains could be essential. It might already be a natural part of construction to meet requirements and lower the risks of flooding.

Whichever is the case, the drains should effectively drain away the water, avoid water backup, and keep the surfaces with minimal water. This way, the place will remain sanitary and usable for the employees and the public. This is especially important in airports and public parking lots and driveways.

What are the common issues and problems?

This type of floor drain can also experience clogs just like with other types of drain systems. Debris and dirt can find their way into the trough and channel. Maybe it’s just the dirt or the water carries the debris.

Often, there are steel grates or other filters that prevent objects and bigger debris from coming into the drain. But as years pass by, the debris can accumulate. It’s also possible that the trench drains themselves get warped or damaged. Those damages may be hindering the free flow of water.

If there are clogs or damages, it’s possible that the water can accumulate in the surface. Worse, there might be a water backup because the water has nowhere to go.

In any case, you need to fix those problem right away. This is important especially when rainy season comes or you expect a heavy snow precipitation. Once the snow melts, the water will suddenly accumulate.

Trench drain cleaning and repair

This is where professional trench drain cleaning and repair will help. This service will make the trench drains working at their best again. This way, you prevent water accumulation on the roads, driveways, and other urban areas.

What happens during drain cleaning? Professionals use powerful tools to get rid of the clogs. They also perform thorough inspections to properly diagnose the problem.

If there are warps or damages, drain professionals can also do the drain repairs or replacements. They can do either partial or full drain pipe replacements depending on the severity of the situation.

Professional drain services in Toronto

Where can you hire reliable drain professionals? Here at AAA Drain Experts, we perform drain repairs and replacements of all kinds. We also perform drain cleaning, excavation, and maintenance.

For over 15 years, many Toronto residents and businesses rely on us when it comes to their drain repair needs. We do each job quickly and efficiently. We also clean up the site after the job.

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Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about the partial replacement of your sewer system. Sometimes a partial replacement of sewer pipes is all you need. It may happen so that the pipe is broken in one place or the roots have grown into one place. The whole system seems to be OK, but does not work. This usually happens at the trap, but may be elsewhere. In order to find out the reason we perform a camera inspection, establish the problem and its causes, then start working on the replacement.

At full or partial replacement, we always set the two back-to-back cleanouts, that easier access to your sewer pipes to the next service or maintenance. And now, we would like to tell you about the installation of backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

This device protects your home against the ingress of water in the basement by the urban sewerage, during heavy rains, when the city’s sewer pipes are jammed or cannot cope with large amounts of water.

To install backwater valve slope need a little more than is present in your pipe. To do this, we need to dig another hole, and do slope on the backwater valve by increasing the length of the replacement.

backwater valve

Backwater Valve City of Toronto Rebate

This of course is more expensive than a simple replacement part, but now the city operates rebate program, under which the city will give you up to $ 1,250 for the installation of backwater or backflow valve.

We have all the licenses and insurances, we provide a quote for the work in advance, as well as provide additional guarantees.
Call us, and stay dry.

Drain company – choose the right drain company

drain company

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you how to choose a drain company. The drain is an inseparable part of your household, and drain problems can significantly deter the quality of life inside your house. Having to go to the nearest café to use a washroom is inconvenient at best. In addition, drain repairs can be costly.
Nowadays, there are many advertisements – yellow pages, internet, on television, radio, and all the drain companies promise to fix your drain problems immediately and qualitatively or service the drain of your sewer system.

drain company

How to pick the best drain company? In the best-case scenario, your friends or neighbors can refer you to a drain company they have used themselves and are satisfied with. However, when there is an emergency, you simply do not have time and have to phone drain companies instead. When calling them, find out whether provide only drain service or drain repair and cleaning as well. If they only perform either one or the other, watch out. Drain cleaning with a snake or a hydro jet may often solve your problems for a rather long period. However, if you have a building trap on the line, you will need a partial drain replacement for a permanent solution.

drain company services

Make sure that the technicians have a camera and provide you with a choice whether to clean or repair the drain. They should perform either only after a camera inspection. Definitely ask them for a license – they should have a plumbing or a drain contractor license at the very least. Moreover, do not forget to ask about liability insurance.
Ideally, the drain company you chose will also have licenses for services such as waterproofing, it will help you save money in certain cases.

Based on aforementioned advice, we’d like to offer our drain and waterproofing services.

Customers choose us because:
– We are licensed
– Provide libability insurance
– 15 years of experience in GTA
– Friendly, punctual, clean service
– Absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees

Call us, and stay dry.

Clogged Drain Cleaning and Replacement

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about one of your most important decisions, which is the choice of cleaning or replacement of the sewer system. If your house has a clogged sewer, it must be repaired immediately, because sewage problems make a house uninhabitable. What should you do in case of problems?

The first step that you need to take is to perform a camera inspection. This will let you know how clogged your sewer system is. When using the snake, we perform clogged drain cleaning, unclog a drain, remove the blockage from the inside, and you can start using the drain again as usual. However, there might be some complications.

Clogged Drain Replacement/h2>
When you have a building trap on the drain line, the snake will not work, if the root has grown into the pipe. Once we cut it with a snake, the root will continue to grow, which will lead to new problems – backups, and clogging the sewage system again. Also, shifts may occur in your old system.

clogged drain cleaning

Consider permanent solutions, such as complete or partial drain replacement, if you often notice a bad smell in your basement.

A very important detail is the presence of building trap. 90% of all the blockages in the drain system occur at the building trap. Therefore, we recommend to remove it and install 2 back-to-back cleanouts. Cleanouts facilitate easier access to your drain system, and make it easy for us to perform clogged drain cleaning in any direction.

If you got a backup – do not panic. Just call us and we, AAADrain specialists, will fix any problems you have with your sewer system.

Why customers choose us over other companies:
– 15 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area
– Punctuality
– We keep you informed about our work, and work out out solutions together
– Take good care of your property

So call us, and stay dry.

Clogged drain cleaning

Clogged drain cleaning is one of the most common requested plumbing services. Why? There is just no way to avoid clogged drains. No matter how careful you are, it will happen. It is just a matter of time.

clogged drain cleaning

Speaking of time, you need to act fast if you want to avoid more costly problems. You can do it yourself or hire professionals to perform blocked drain cleaning. For severe problems or if you don’t have the time, it is recommended to let the experts do the job.

Severe problems can cause damage to surrounding areas. The most common is flooding. Another problem is that clogged drains are just hassles to you and your family. You also don’t want any visitor to see you have problems in your toilet or kitchen sink.

Even for mild problems, you can also ask the help of professionals. Clogged drain cleaning can be laborious. In addition, you might also want to get to the root of the problem. That will ensure you won’t be experiencing the same problem for a long time in the future.

So if you want to clear clogs in your toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink, or floor drain, you need to know how it’s done. This way you will know what is the best solution to your particular problem. Also, you will learn more about when you should ask for help.

First we will talk about mechanical snaking. Next is we will also talk about partial or full drain replacement. Let’s discuss each one:

Clogged Drain Cleaning: Mechanical snaking

Mechanical snaking or simply drain snaking is a straightforward way to remove stubborn clogs. Here’s how it works. The “snake” enters into the drain pipe. Then it breaks out the clog. The debris is then flushed further or pulled out.

Many people resort to using mechanical snakes when plunging doesn’t work. A great advantage of this is that the snakes can enter deep into the drain. They can get to the root of the problem. Contrast that with plunging. If you are using the plunger for more than an hour, maybe a better solution is to try mechanical snaking.

You can actually buy a drain snake from a hardware store. You can hold the drain snake and remove the clogs yourself. On the other hand, you can also ask professionals to do the snaking. They use powerful mechanical snakes that effectively remove clogs.

In many cases, maybe doing it yourself and using a tool from your local hardware store is enough. But in some cases, a powerful drain snake is the best solution. It’s especially effective for removing pretty solid clogs in drains.

Experienced pros can completely remove clogs and unblock drains in a much more cost-effective way. Some people are tempted to use harsh chemicals or try a bunch of different ways to remove clogs. They will try everything themselves to save on cost. However, with pros you can actually save time and money. Not to mention the additional hassles you’ve been spared from.

Now you know what is mechanical snaking. Let’s move on to Partial or Full Drain Replacement.

Partial/Full Drain Replacement

Some clogs can’t be totally removed by mechanical snaking or any other methods. Maybe they just got stuck really well into the drain pipes. Applying much force might also cause more damages to the drain system. Clogged drain cleaning might not be enough to solve the problem.

What is the solution then? You need partial or full drain replacement. This is a much easier solution. Plumbers can identify which parts of the drain system need replacement.

Drain replacement could be the best solution for residential properties. It requires expertise and might need some excavation work.  For commercial and industrial drain systems, partial or full drain replacement could be the only solution. Industrial and commercial drain problems could be much more severe. Clients need expert solutions that remove the problem once and for all.

So if you need clogged drain cleaning or drain replacement services, it’s good to work with plumbing professionals. As a team of honest, friendly, reliable, and experienced pros, we provide the best solutions that solve various drain problems. Let us handle the drain cleaning or replacement if you want to ensure a job well done.

Building Trap Removal & Replacement

Building trap removal and replacement

Hello friends.

Today we would like to tell you more about building traps. As we’ve written about them before, we can clean it up and remove the blockage by a snake or plunger, but considering it’s specific design features we can not clear it completely.

Nowadays, each device has its own sanitary trap and therefore the presence of building trap is not only useless, but also problematic.

Why is that? It’s presence in the sewer line leads to the formation of blockage, which can cause flooding in your basement. The problem was so serious that in the 60s the sanitary building code had to be changed.

Very often tree roots find their way into traps and start growing, which is also a potential cause of blockage, running backup, and can cause cracks in these parts of the sewer system. The presence of the building trap on the main sewer line makes it impossible to clean the pipes completely and fully inspect the whole sewer system .

When the sewer system works well, most people do not even know about the existence of a building trap on the sewer line. Building trap is located close to the front wall, and can be either inside or outside the house.

Based on the aforementioned reason, and particularly given the fact that the building trap is on the main sewer line, even a little clogging can lead to running backup and the inability to use the drain system fully.

Therefore, we, AAADrain experts, recommend building trap removal. We have got 15 years of experience in our arsenal, we conduct building trap removal and replacement with a 2-way cleanout instead. 2-way cleanout significantly aids the process of cleaning and inspection with a camera and, if necessary, cleaning with snake.

building trap removal and replacement

Each replacement entitles you to a camera inspection of the whole sewer system.

Guarantee for such work is 20 years, just as our work on full and partial drain replacements.

Stay dry.