Drain Problems And Their Fixes

Drain Problems

Today we want to provide you insights on where drain problems typically originate from. Drain problems can usually be divided into two categories – man-caused or independent of human actions.

Drain Problems

Frequent Causes of Drain Problems

From our experience we conclude that the most frequent cause of drain problems are roots that get grown into pipes. This usually happens on drain lines with old ceramic pipes that develop cracks over time in joint areas. Then roots grow into and across the pipes. One time we even extracted a root that completely covered a 6-inch pipe.

Another frequent cause of problems may lie in a bad slope of the sewer line. You may inquire about this when purchasing a new house. A bad slope of the sewer line, along with shifts and bad pipe connections may cause backups and disrupt your life in the household.

Calcium Deposits

Serious problems may also be caused by calcium deposits. Calcium deposits are a result of excessive amounts of cooking oil and dishwashing liquid ending up in your sewer pipes. This combination creates a calcium deposit which in turn completely blocks sewer pipes.

Often, homeowners are not always aware of the conditions of their sewer pipes. Problems mentioned above occur rather frequently, resulting in sewer backups, and often lead to very expensive repairs.

Thus, for your peace of mind, we offer best-in-class drain maintenance service which is rather inexpensive and does not take much time to perform. We will assess the conditions of your pipes with a quick camera inspection, and if there are any problems, we will figure out a solution with you, that works best for you and your household.

Our 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems and skillful professionals, along with the use of latest technologies, help us provide a great service for customers across the GTA.

Stay dry.

Spring Drain Maintenance

Spring Drain Maintenance

Hello friends.

Spring is here and we would like to guide you on how to prepare for this season. In spring and summer we consume a lot more water, without noticing. This may be due, for example, to spring and summer being the season of watering lawns. Note that even a small leak from a tap in the garden, for the duration of the whole season, can result in a big overall inflow of water. Its easy to check whether your tap is leaking. That’ll be your first spring drain maintenance step. Simply record the data from the water meter before bedtime, and ensure it matches the numbers next morning.

Also keep in mind that spring will melt the snow, there will be rains, and a lot of water will go into your system. It wouldn’t hurt to perform a spring drain maintenance and check whether everything is functioning properly via a camera inspection. If you find any problems, we can fix them using a snake or perform a full or partial replacement.

spring drain maintenance

Building Traps

If you have a building trap, even if you do all the work properly, you need to replace it, and establish back-to-back cleanouts, which will help you in the following operating your drain system.

Cleanouts that are located outside make it very easy to identify any problems on your main drain line.

For drain service work we prefer using mechanical snakes. They are very fast, effective, and relatively inexpensive. We also recommend setting up cleanouts on every stack, in order to be able to perform a camera inspection not only on the main drain line, but also on other branches.

Flood Dangers and Prevention

It is also worth noting the possibility of a rainy summer season and the inability of the city’s drain system to consistently and effectively deal with rainwater. To prevent any damages to your property, we recommend installing a backwater valve, which prevents numerous causes of flooding in their tracks.

How are we better than all the other companies? By choosing us to deal with any discrepancies of your drain system, you get a team with 15 years of comprehensive experience at your disposal. All our work is insured, every transaction strictly follows one outlined in a contract. We never overcharge, and respect you and your property.

So call us, and stay dry.

Drain Repair with Pipe Replacement

Drain Repair

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you more about full and partial sewer pipe replacement, which are a crucial part of the drain repair process.

If you happen to have any problems with your system, we will conduct a camera inspection to determine the location and the cause of the problem. Usually, problems are caused by either roots in pipes, pipe collapse, an overflowing building trap, a foreign object that is blocking the whole drain system, or the lack of a slope.

drain repair blockage pipe clear

After inspection, we determine the best way to eliminate the blockage, and, subsequently, repair the drain. It usually suffices to dig out a pit and replace the problematic piece of the pipe, followed by an obligatory installation of a back-to-back cleanouts. With the help of the cleanout you can always see what’s happening in your sewer system.

After installing the cleanout we perform another camera inspection and check again the entire drain system and conclude whether our drain repair process was effective. If the sewer line still has problems, then we write up a report, and, if necessary, continue to work to address the problems. It is up to you.

In case of serious problems with your system, it is much cheaper and safer for you to change the entire sewer system and install a backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

We would like to elaborate a little on the topic of the backwater valve. There is an active City of Toronto program, under which the installation of a backwater valve will get you a rebate of 75% of the cost of, up to $ 1250 in total. In addition, the installation of backwater valve to helps reduce the price of your home insurance. It can help prevent a wet, leaky basement. We can install a backwater valve for your household either inside or outside of your home with the full or partial replacement of your sewer system.

Note that sometimes, 8 or even 10 fitting pipes are required to properly install a backwater valve due to the construction of the device.

For us, licensed AAADrain professionals, there are simply no unsolvable problems in matters of sewage, waterproofing, and water service. We have 15 years of experience in GTA and surrounding areas. We have a responsible and positive attitude in regards to our work, with which you always get a decade-long insurance.

Choosing us, you get quality and a peace of mind.

Stay dry

Drain Blockage – Unclog Drain Easily

drain blockage solutions

unclog drain

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you how you can take care of your sewer system. The best thing you can do is try to avoid drain blockage and clogging. But what about maintenance?

Try to avoid getting a large amount of fat in your drains. It is better, for example, to wipe the pan with a paper towel to get rid of the fat as opposed to dumping it in the kitchen sink. Often, if there is a building trap, drain system may be blocked by external objects – by a tennis ball, for instance. It may get into the drain, for example, if a dog somehow got it into the toilet. So if you have a dog in the house, try to keep the washroom closed.

An old and proven way to remove fat from the walls of your sewer pipes is using baking soda. Dissolve a pack of soda in a gallon of warm water and slowly pour the substance down the kitchen sink.

drain blockage unclog drain

You can also use chemical solutions to clean your sewer system. In this case, be sure to read the instruction manual, as these chemicals can be overly aggressive and may dissolve the pipe walls of the sewer system. Before chemical cleaning make sure that the cleaner is suitable for iron, copper and plastic pipes.

Remember, it is much easier and cheaper to prevent clogging or drain blockage, than to deal with their consequences.

Building traps get clogged often. If it is present in your sewer system we recommend replacing it with a back-to-back cleanout or installing a backwater valve.

If you can not unclog your drain, give us a call. At our disposal, we’ve got snakes of varying sizes and power, cameras. We will conduct comprehensive diagnostics of your system, and will remove drain blockages with a snake. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a partial or complete replacement of the sewer system. We do all of that, and more. Furthermore, our work is licensed and covered by a liability insurance and WSIB.

All of our work on maintenance or replacement carried out as accurately and safely as possible. We respect you and your property. In addition, with every pipe replacement, we carry out camera inspection and cleaning, if necessary, for free of charge.

Stay dry.

Basement leaks when it rains – prevention

Basement leaks prevention

Hello friends.

Autumn in full throttle and we would like to tell you what procedures are necessary to have a dry and secure basement ready for any weather.

But why fall, specifically?

Because fall, as a rule, is a season of big rains, and the roots that may have somehow gotten into your pipes have grown over the summer. This increases the possibility of a complete blockage or partial blockage of your sewer line. And if the pipe is already clogged, there is also a possibility of a backup.

To avoid this, it makes sense to perform a camera inspection, to determine the state of your pipes. And based on the results of the inspection, determine what to do next. If the line is completely clean, and the pipes are in good condition, there are no visible cracks and you don’t have a building trap – congratulations, you don’t have to do anything.

basement leaks

But, if you discovered one or more of these potential problems, then you can have us clean pipes with snake, perform full or partial replacement of your sewer line, replace your floor drains, and/or install a backwater valve.

It is known that you can have basement leaks from water that can get into your basement through walls. To combat this, we also perform foundation wall waterproofing procedures. We completely waterproof the outside or the inside of your house, as well as do crack repairs on foundation walls, and installation or cleaning of basins.

We, AAADrain specialists , have been diagnosing drain and waterproofing problems, such as basement leaks, as well as implementing state-of-the-art solutions to address them, for more than 15 years. We use the latest technologies. We understand how important is the comfort, reliability of your home. Almost all of the work we do by hand, in order to minimize damage to your landscape.

With all of our digging work we give 25 years of warranty. We provide discounts for elders and single mothers. In addition, when installing a back water valve and sump pump, we entitle you to a rebate from the city of Toronto to $ 3,000.

If you are unsure of your drain – call us, and we will check your system, diagnose and eliminate any problems. In our arsenal we’ve got camera inspections, snake, partial or full pipe replacement, waterproofing, setup and replacement of sump pumps and catch basins.

Stay dry.

Building Trap Removal & Replacement

Building trap removal and replacement

Hello friends.

Today we would like to tell you more about building traps. As we’ve written about them before, we can clean it up and remove the blockage by a snake or plunger, but considering it’s specific design features we can not clear it completely.

Nowadays, each device has its own sanitary trap and therefore the presence of building trap is not only useless, but also problematic.

Why is that? It’s presence in the sewer line leads to the formation of blockage, which can cause flooding in your basement. The problem was so serious that in the 60s the sanitary building code had to be changed.

Very often tree roots find their way into traps and start growing, which is also a potential cause of blockage, running backup, and can cause cracks in these parts of the sewer system. The presence of the building trap on the main sewer line makes it impossible to clean the pipes completely and fully inspect the whole sewer system .

When the sewer system works well, most people do not even know about the existence of a building trap on the sewer line. Building trap is located close to the front wall, and can be either inside or outside the house.

Based on the aforementioned reason, and particularly given the fact that the building trap is on the main sewer line, even a little clogging can lead to running backup and the inability to use the drain system fully.

Therefore, we, AAADrain experts, recommend building trap removal. We have got 15 years of experience in our arsenal, we conduct building trap removal and replacement with a 2-way cleanout instead. 2-way cleanout significantly aids the process of cleaning and inspection with a camera and, if necessary, cleaning with snake.

building trap removal and replacement

Each replacement entitles you to a camera inspection of the whole sewer system.

Guarantee for such work is 20 years, just as our work on full and partial drain replacements.

Stay dry.