Drainage Repair Toronto

Need a drainage repair Toronto? Drainage problems cause a lot of issues both indoors and outdoors. They might cause flooding both in the yard and indoors. The place becomes wet and unsanitary. It’s not a beautiful sight to see. Another thing is that the problems get worse if you just let it be.

Many people take their time whenever they see a drainage problem. They think it’s just a minor issue. They think that it’s just a problem that will pass by easily. Or they also think that it’s just natural. They think that there’s no drainage problem at all.

How to know if you have a drainage problem

If you’re not sure that you have a drainage problem, you have to check a few things first. Unusually wet areas are often caused by a drainage problem. The water in the area doesn’t properly drain that’s why it continues to accumulate water. If you see your yard as being wet and soggy for many days (even though it’s just a light rain), it’s a sign of a drainage problem. There could be leaks in the drain because of old use or damages.

Aside from a consistently wet yard, there’s another sign you can watch out for. It’s when the water in the sink or shower drain goes down very slowly. It could also happen whenever you flush the toilet. The water goes down unusually slow. At times you might also hear some gurgling sounds as the water goes down.

The gurgling and the slow down flow of water might be caused by a clogged drain. There’s a struggle whenever water goes down because there’s something blocking its path. Worse is that water might go back up because there’s no other way to go to. As with the leaking drainage system, a clogged drain can also cause flooding in the surrounding area.

There are other signs to know if there are drain related problems. Some of these are wet basements, cracked foundations, attic mildew, gushing gutters, and more. Contact us if you want to make sure. We will check the area thoroughly before doing any drainage repair Toronto. This way we will address the root of the problem and help you avoid any hassle.

Well if you’re now sure that you have a clogged drain, you can take some steps to minimize the damage or actually solve the problem. Let’s discuss that.

Drainage repair Toronto – clogged drains

Having a clogged drain is a common problem both in residences and commercial areas. Through the years drain systems accumulate dirt and debris. It can also be due to the accidental entry of an object large enough to obstruct the water and sewage flow.

Whatever the case, the blockage of water and sewage might cause flooding of the surrounding area. It’s the worse case when it comes to sewage. That’s because the surrounding place becomes unsanitary. That causes more problems not only to your family but also on the neighborhood as well.

The sudden flooding of an area causes many of us to take immediate action. It’s tempting to take the matter in your own hands because we can’t stand to see the problem. That’s why we try do it on our own to solve the issue. We search through the internet to find a good solution.

But here’s the thing. It’s risky and it might cause more problems in the long run. In addition, you have to ensure you’re not violating any local regulations regarding the drainage. If you do things on your own, there’s a chance your neighbors will experience some problems. Maybe the flooding will transfer to their area. Or you might damage the drainage pipes.

Fortunately there are professionals who specialize in drainage repair Toronto. For example, we do drain repair and cleaning for residential, industrial, and commercial properties. We, as experienced professionals, know the local regulations. We ensure that we solve the drainage problem without causing another one. We also do drain replacement, internal and external waterproofing, and more.

So if you want to get rid of the drainage problem as soon as possible, contact us. We offer 24/7 services and we solve the issue as fast as we can. We use industry-standard equipment for each assignment. Let us solve your drainage problem once and for all.

Unclog toilet, fix blocked toilet

Unclog toilet

Blocked toilet

A clogged toilet is an unexpected hassle for any household. A blocked toilet happens at the most inconvenient time. Maybe it’s midnight or a visitor is coming by. You don’t want your visitor to see that ugly sight. That is why you need a quick solution that will make your toilet working perfectly again.

A blocked toilet problem can be usually classified in two ways. First is the mild one. That is common and a plunger can already do the job. The second is the severe problem. Using the plunger is not enough. What you need to do is to use a drain snake. Professionals can do the drain snaking for you if you don’t want any hassle.

We will discuss the two ways in dealing with blocked toilets. Prepare yourself if you prefer a DIY approach. It could be much easier (and cheap) if you just hire a professional to do the job.

unclog toilet blocked toilet

Unclog toilet – fixing a blocked toilet using a plunger

Let’s first discuss how to do it yourself. Notice that a blocked toilet almost overflows with water. The water and other stuff don’t pass through because of the clogs. A plunger might help you with that.

Here’s how a plunger works. Plunging makes a pressure difference above and below the clog. That pressure difference causes the clog to move. If the clog moves, it has a chance of freeing itself and finding a path downwards. It’s problem solved.

But before using the plunger to unclog toilets, there are a few things you should do first. We’ve mentioned earlier that the toilet might overflow with water. More water won’t solve the problem. That’s why you should not flush again. The problem will be worse if you do that.

What you need to do then is to prepare the area around the toilet. Cover the floor with some newspapers. Plunging might make some of the water splash throughout. Also open the ventilation fan. This way foul odors won’t be much of a problem.

In most cases you might just need a plunger. But it might not work even after several attempts. That means the problem is severe, and the clog is solid. Even after using chemicals it might not be enough to unclog toilet.

Next is you insert the plunger. You push it downward and pull upward. You might need to do this at least 20 times. That’s what it takes before the clog moves and flows further.

Unclog toilet using a drain snake

A blocked toilet might not be solved just by plunging. It’s best to use other methods if you’re tired using the plunger and still nothing happens. One common method is drain snaking.

Here’s how a drain snake works. It enters into the toilet and hooks the clog. The clog might be pushed further or pulled upward. Contrast that to plunging. Drain snaking goes right straight to the problem.

You can readily buy a drain snake from your local hardware store. You can then do it yourself if you have the time. Here’s a warning however. Be careful and try not to damage the toilet surface. You also need to be careful for yourself. A drain snake might cause physical injuries if you’re not careful.

A common type of drain snake is the toilet auger. It’s different than the hand spinner. The hand spinner is not usually suitable for unclogging toilets. The wire might damage the surrounding toilet surface in its path. On the other hand, the toilet auger is the only choice if you want to do it yourself. It has a plastic boot at the end that prevents toilet damage.

AAADrain professionals can help you with that. We will go straight to the problem. We will use a drain snake to unblock and make the restroom available to use immediately. He will skillfully use the drain snake to completely remove the clog. You should let a professional unclog toilet if you want to keep your hands clean.

Instead of doing it yourself, let us, AAADrain professionals handle everything.

Why customers choose us over other companies:
– 15 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area
– Punctuality
– We keep you informed about our work, and work out out solutions together
– Take good care of your property

Call us, and stay dry.

French drain

French drains help in preventing damages to building foundations. A French drain works by redirecting groundwater or surface water away from an area.

If the system fails, expect flooding to occur. This happens when French drains become filled with debris. As a consequence, water will backflow or overflow from the pipes. The water will then go back to the house. This results to more problems including property damages.

Common problems include flooding of the basement and yard. These problems might not be obvious at first. But when rain comes, these become very visible. You might want to address the French drain problems right now if you don’t want to experience any hassle and possible damages to your basement and property.

french drain

French drain solutions

If you think you are having French drain problems right now, you have two options. One is to do it all yourself. The other is by hiring drain service contractors. Let us discuss each one.

First is fixing the French drain problem by yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind. One is that it will take some manual labor. You need to do digging to remove the gravel, soil, and other things. You might also need to set aside a whole day to fix all the problems. Keep in mind that after the digging, you will still need to return all that soil and gravel you dug.

After some digging, it is time to clear out the clogs. One way is by drain snaking. You should be careful with the grip (for your safety) and the operation of the drain snake (to prevent damages to pipes). Experts often use mechanical drain snakes for the job.

As you can see, it will take some manual labor. Another thing is that there could be underlying problems in your French drain system. What you need is a complete solution that will prevent all future problems. This is the time when you need expert help.

If you don’t want to go all the trouble and you want to ensure best results, you can just hire drain service contractors. This is important especially when you are suspecting that there are worse problems in your French drain system. It could be the pipe has already collapsed and needs replacement. It is also probable that the clogs are pretty solid and very hard to dislodge.

You can also hire contractors to perform preventive maintenance. If you don’t want to experience any French drain problems, you might want to ask professionals to do a regular maintenance. Now’s the time for the maintenance if it’s more than a year already since the last maintenance or first installation.

Before hiring people to solve your French drain issues, first check the certification and if there’s a warranty provided. As a certified company with 15 years of experience, we perform all work under a warranty. We also understand the importance of 24/7 availability. Many drain problems just need immediate action. This is to prevent other problems which might drive more costs. We know that people want fast and reliable drain solutions.

Call us, and stay dry.


Drain Service – Drain Cleaning

Drain Service

Over the years, we have worked in the city of Toronto providing quality drain service and replacement of sewage pipes and systems.

In our work we try to fully focus on the client. We listen to you, give a preliminary assessment, offer licensed services, and develop a solution together with you.

For the development of solutions to eliminate blockages in the sewer system, we use the latest technologies and always keep the client in the know.

Blockages need to be eliminated immediately. One possible solution is drain cleaning. For a successful drain service process, it is necessary to assess the situation – namely where the blockage is located, where the flood comes from, and whether there is an opportunity to assess the material. There are various causes of blockages – remnants of soap, hair, oil, roots of close-growing trees, and other foreign objects.

Drain Cleaning

If your trap has a blockage of a relatively small size, drain service can be easily performed with a plunger. But if you have resorted to this drain service method rather often over the past few years, it would make sense to call us for a check up.

When performing drain service on serious clogs, we use snakes of all possible diameters and capacities, as well as hydro-jets. Old fat that gets into your drain from the kitchen sink is the hardest to clean.

Therefore, you’d better clean off grease from kitchen utensils. You can also perform drain service of your sewer system with a baking soda solution, or stronger chemical agents, but you need to be very careful and make sure to meticulously follow the instructions.

Drain Service - Drain Cleaning

Drain Problem? No Problem

If you often have problems with your sewer system, it makes sense to change it. With proper planning of vents, the selection of a desired slope, you will be full of confidence regarding the operation of your sewer system.

We, AAADrain experts, have been working in the GTA for 15 years, solving such problems. All the work we do is previously estimated, and we have no extra charges. Everything is licensed and insured. We are punctual and friendly.

Call us, and stay dry.