Drain Cleaning Toronto

Drain cleaning is one of the most common plumbing services needed by residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. We perform drain cleaning to prevent more costly problems in the future.

One of the most common problems is a clogged drain, and to prevent it, drain maintenance or cleaning is needed.

Households and commercial clients also need drain cleaning services if the notice a bad odour near sinks and tubs. Some accumulated dirt and bacteria might be causing that bad smell. Drain cleaning will take care of that.

Another purpose of drain cleaning (besides maintenance) is the actual removing of clogs. If dirt and debris has already accumulated, drain cleaning is a must. Clogged drains can cause water to back up and damage your floors and other nearby areas. If left alone for long, those clogged drains might cause damages to pipes. This will lead to more expenses because you will need repair and replacement.

Whether for drain maintenance or unclogging, there are two ways to do it:

Drain Cleaning Methods

First is through the use of chemical products. It works this way. The chemicals react with the debris and dirt. These chemical products dissolve the debris. The debris then is free to move along the drains. That solves the problem.

There are two types of chemical drain cleaners. One is acidic. The other is alkaline. You can readily buy some chemical drain cleaners from hardware stores. Both the acidic and alkaline chemicals are effective in removing hair and grease clogs.

However, there are issues. One issue of course, is about safety. These chemicals can cause harm to your eyes, skin, and lungs. Chemical drain cleaners are relatively strong acidic and alkaline products. That’s why it’s recommended to hire plumbing experts to do the job. They can also cause damages to the pipes, drains, and other fixtures. Another issue is that chemical drain cleaners might not remove the solid obstructions.

Drain Snaking Toronto

When it comes to solid obstructions, the mechanical way is the best. This is also called drain snaking. It works this way. The plumber’s snake enters into the drain. It hooks the clog and pulls it out. It can also break out the clog into smaller pieces so it can move further freely down the drain.

Drain snakes are either hand or motor-powered. These “snakes” need power because they rotate. This is to better remove the clogs inside the drains.

Whether hand or motor-powered, you must prioritize safety. Drain snakes can cause injuries. You must be careful with the grip. They can also cause damages to your pipes if not handled properly. To avoid worse problems, you need to hire plumbing professionals to do the job.

You might be thinking, “I can do drain cleaning by myself.” Perhaps you want to save money. The truth is, you will be saving more money in the long run if you hire pros to do the job. You will avoid the damages. You will save time. You avoid hassles. You will also prevent worse problems from happening.

Why hire AAADrain drain cleaning professionals

  • Years of experience
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Warranty

Years of experience. As experienced professionals we have already solved a wide variety of plumbing and drain problems. You get less worries because we know what we’re doing. No matter what your drain problem is, we can do the job.

Reliability. You must hire people you can count on. Drain problems cause a lot of hassles. Water will back up and might cause damages to your kitchen. They might also cause some unpleasant smell roaming in your kitchen or bathroom.

Availability. You need fast solutions when it comes to drain cleaning. Problems with clogged drains are usually unexpected, and might come up anytime. They might occur on weekends or evenings. We are available 24/7 across GTA, at your service.

Warranty. You don’t want drain cleaning to cause more problems down the road. You want reliable solutions that will solve your drain problems once and for all, without any worries. We provide up to 25 worry-free years of warranty on our services.

As a team of honest, experienced, and friendly professionals, we do drain cleaning as if we do it for our own homes. We use the best drain cleaning methods, respect you and aim to minimize the effect on your property.

Call us, and stay dry.