Toronto Drain System

Toronto drain systems have been helping to manage storm water for decades. These systems also help in avoiding basement flooding and other water runoff problems.

Why is it important to manage storm water?

Flooding is a common problem that results from storm water. Rain falls down. Water runs off from roofs, parking lots, driveways, and other areas. Water goes down and accumulates in drain systems. It also accumulates in other spaces such as basements.

The same problem occurs with melting snow. The water that comes from melting snow can also accumulate in basements and other areas. Flooding occurs and it’s a huge hassle for homeowners and families.

Flooding in basements and other areas also results to other hassles and problems. Mold growth and property damages can also be the results of flooding. This leads to more expenses and recurring problems.

Good news is homeowners can explore different solutions. They can choose to install flood protection devices. They can also ask professional services from experts. This is a good way to minimize the risks. This also helps homeowners gain peace of mind. This also helps homeowners save money instead of spending it on property repairs.

What is the local government’s role in basement flooding prevention?

Much of the Toronto drain and sewer systems were designed to the needs of the area during 50 to 80 years ago. Times change and there’s population growth and climate change. More extreme storms are now coming to the area.

The local government continues to make improvements in our Toronto drain systems. But the risks are always present. Heavy rain and snowfall are both unpredictable. The amounts of water that accumulate can exceed our expectations anytime. That’s why it’s best to be prepared. We should also take care of the possible drain problems as soon as we can.

One way the local government helps in solving Toronto drain problems is by giving subsidies. This is to make the expenses lighter. Different areas also have different risks. To stay safe, homeowners must take immediate actions such as getting help from pros. It’s also good that homeowners are aware of the solutions they can tap into.

How to minimize the risk of basement flooding?

Toronto drain systems are complex networks of pipes, catch basins, and sewers. Engineers designed these to minimize risks of flooding. Millions could have been spent already to prevent flooding problems.

Homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune to reduce the risk of basement flooding. They can take immediate actions that will prevent unnecessary expenses in the long run. That’s why we’ll discuss some of the cost-effective solutions homeowners can apply.

One solution is for homeowners to install a backwater valve or a sump pump. Heavy rainfall can overload the storm sewer systems. The water can come back up to our homes and flood our basements and other areas. That’s where a backwater valve can help. It ensures that there’s only a one-way flow of water. This way water from overloaded sewers won’t come into your basement.

Sump pumps can also help prevent basement flooding. Sump pumps are best for homes with a regular basement flooding problem. They pump the water out to solve dampness and prevent property damages.

Basement waterproofing also reduces flooding risks.. This solution is more direct. Professionals can fix the basement walls to prevent water from coming in. This could help in keeping your basement safe and dry.

Experienced pros can help you choose the right solutions for your basement. Different homes can have unique problems. That’s why it’s important to have the right solution specific to the risks involved.

Need Toronto drain services?

We mentioned earlier about the local government giving subsidies. But they don’t cover everything and there are specific requirements. One such requirement is hiring a licensed contractor. This is to ensure that qualified pros are providing you with the service. It’s important that qualified pros perform the job to prevent recurring problems.

As a team of qualified and reliable professionals, we are ready to provide quality Toronto drain services. We are a licensed contractor that is available 24/7. This is because we know that drain problems need urgent solutions. We can also help you explore solutions (including about subsidies) so you can save money. Call us at 416-858-4444 if you want a free consultation.

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

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Today we want to tell you about the partial replacement of your sewer system. Sometimes a partial replacement of sewer pipes is all you need. It may happen so that the pipe is broken in one place or the roots have grown into one place. The whole system seems to be OK, but does not work. This usually happens at the trap, but may be elsewhere. In order to find out the reason we perform a camera inspection, establish the problem and its causes, then start working on the replacement.

At full or partial replacement, we always set the two back-to-back cleanouts, that easier access to your sewer pipes to the next service or maintenance. And now, we would like to tell you about the installation of backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

This device protects your home against the ingress of water in the basement by the urban sewerage, during heavy rains, when the city’s sewer pipes are jammed or cannot cope with large amounts of water.

To install backwater valve slope need a little more than is present in your pipe. To do this, we need to dig another hole, and do slope on the backwater valve by increasing the length of the replacement.

backwater valve

Backwater Valve City of Toronto Rebate

This of course is more expensive than a simple replacement part, but now the city operates rebate program, under which the city will give you up to $ 1,250 for the installation of backwater or backflow valve.

We have all the licenses and insurances, we provide a quote for the work in advance, as well as provide additional guarantees.
Call us, and stay dry.

Sump pump and backwater valve services

Pros install a sump pump to solve basement flooding problems. Here’s how it works. When water accumulates in the basin, it pumps the water out so the area stays dry.

A lot of homes suffer from below-ground wetness during rainy season. That’s why many people install sump pumps in their basements.

What about backwater valves? These are devices that stop water from coming back into the house. Just like the sump pumps, they also help prevent flooding. The difference is that the backwater valves block the water to ensure a one-way flow. Sump pumps work by mechanically pumping out the water.

When should you install a sump pump?

sump pumpA sump pump will help you prevent basement flooding problems. It will help ensure your basement stays dry. In addition, you also prevent possible basement damages usually caused by water accumulation.

Some people prefer buying and installing sump pumps themselves. But they might make some mistakes regarding the proper selection and installation. There are different sump pumps out there. Each one is best suited for a specific situation.

You have to consider mode of operation (automatic or manual) and pump power. You also need to consider head pressure, voltage, backup system, alarm, and other features. The backup power system is important. That’s because blackouts happen during heavy rains. And you don’t want unexpected flooding during blackouts.

Experienced professionals choose the right sump pump for each situation. They also do proper installation so sump pumps will work perfectly for homes.

Sump pumps are also needed in some commercial and industrial applications. They use sump pumps to maintain the stability of surface soil. Sump pump installations for commercial and industrial uses require professional assistance.

Aside from new installation, some residences might need sump pump replacement. If it’s broken, you need to replace it immediately before heavy rains come. This is to avoid massive basement flooding. If it’s working perfectly before it broke down, you just need to buy the same model. You can also ask assistance from professionals like us.

What about backwater valves?

A backwater valve can also help with basement waterproofing. It works by blocking the water from entering into the house.

City sewer systems can become clogged. Water and sewage will then find an empty drain or pipe to flow into. Those might find a way into your house. Ultimately, that will cause basement flooding problems.

Having backwater valves installed will prevent the problem. They will ensure that there’s only a one-way flow for both water and sewage. Sewer surges do happen. The surge is temporary but they can cause damages to your basement.

If you need backwater valve installation services, you need to contact experienced professionals like our team. New installations require some labor and expertise. Also, they will help you identify other flooding risks at your home.

If you already have backwater valves installed, congratulations. It means you have mitigated the risk of basement flooding. But you might also need proper maintenance for your backwater valves. This is to ensure they will always be working perfectly. Backwater valves may need cleaning right after heavy rains. There could be accumulated debris that are blocking the valves.

You need a complete basement waterproofing solution. Applying adhesives and sealants might not be enough. Homes need protection from sudden flooding. Commercial structures also need protection from both rainwater and groundwater.

With sump pumps and backwater valves, home basements will stay dry. You mitigate basement flooding risks. You also prevent hassles from having a wet basement. Sump pumps and backwater valves will actually help you save time and headaches.

So if you want to avoid basement problems, contact experienced pros now. Prevent mold problems and basement damages. We provide complete waterproofing solutions. We will provide you with a peace of mind. You will never have to worry even during heavy rains.

But don’t wait for the rains to come. If you think there’s a risk of flooding, contact us now. When the rain starts pouring, it might be already too late then. Don’t let that happen.

As a team of experienced professionals, we focus on reliability. We can install and replace sump pumps. Additionally, we recommend and are ready to replace it with a more modern backwater valve.

Call us at 416-858-4444, and stay dry.

Drain Blockage – Unclog Drain Easily

drain blockage solutions

unclog drain

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Today we want to tell you how you can take care of your sewer system. The best thing you can do is try to avoid drain blockage and clogging. But what about maintenance?

Try to avoid getting a large amount of fat in your drains. It is better, for example, to wipe the pan with a paper towel to get rid of the fat as opposed to dumping it in the kitchen sink. Often, if there is a building trap, drain system may be blocked by external objects – by a tennis ball, for instance. It may get into the drain, for example, if a dog somehow got it into the toilet. So if you have a dog in the house, try to keep the washroom closed.

An old and proven way to remove fat from the walls of your sewer pipes is using baking soda. Dissolve a pack of soda in a gallon of warm water and slowly pour the substance down the kitchen sink.

drain blockage unclog drain

You can also use chemical solutions to clean your sewer system. In this case, be sure to read the instruction manual, as these chemicals can be overly aggressive and may dissolve the pipe walls of the sewer system. Before chemical cleaning make sure that the cleaner is suitable for iron, copper and plastic pipes.

Remember, it is much easier and cheaper to prevent clogging or drain blockage, than to deal with their consequences.

Building traps get clogged often. If it is present in your sewer system we recommend replacing it with a back-to-back cleanout or installing a backwater valve.

If you can not unclog your drain, give us a call. At our disposal, we’ve got snakes of varying sizes and power, cameras. We will conduct comprehensive diagnostics of your system, and will remove drain blockages with a snake. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a partial or complete replacement of the sewer system. We do all of that, and more. Furthermore, our work is licensed and covered by a liability insurance and WSIB.

All of our work on maintenance or replacement carried out as accurately and safely as possible. We respect you and your property. In addition, with every pipe replacement, we carry out camera inspection and cleaning, if necessary, for free of charge.

Stay dry.

Drain problem, deal with flood water and sewage in basement

Drain Problem

Hello friends.

Today we will to teach you what to do when you unfortunately discover water or sewage in your basement.

There are various reasons why water has gotten into your basement.

If after a rain your basement foundation walls are damaged by water, the problem lies in waterproofing.

If the water did not get to electrical devices, you are more or less in a safe situation. If it does not smell bad, there are no life-threatening bacteria and viruses, and it is most likely just common rainwater. Having said that, if the water remains there for extended periods of time, it may cause moisture and cause molding in your basement.

When the water smells bad or there is sewage, which usually appear near the floor drain, it is a drain problem. Make sure the water does not come in contact with any electrical appliances and, if possible, we recommend to turn them off. Also, try not to avoid the backup water, which is likely to contain bacteria and viruses.

drain problem

Basement flooding is possible during heavy rains when the city sewage cannot cope with the flow, and backup water can get into your basement.

All these sewage problems, problems with wet walls in your basement, and waterproofing issues can easily be solved with a single call. After the assessment and inspection with a camera, we can carry out drain cleaning, partial replacement of pipes, the complete replacement of pipes, installing backwater valve and a sump pump.

Call us; we would love to work for you.

Stay dry.