Drain Pipe Cleaning

Drain Pipe Cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about some of our recent work. Upon our arrival at the site, we saw all the signs of clogging: slow drains in all baths, kitchen sinks, and only the toilet worked fine. The house was 80-90 years old and from the client’s words, he had never changed or conducted drain pipe cleaning.

We have offered to perform drain pipe cleaning with a powerjet of a small diameter at a pressure of 2000 psi. Prior to this work, we have removed and cleaned all the little traps by hand. Then we cleaned the stack all the branches.

After establishing all the traps and performing a water test we noticed that the water does not stay in the sinks and baths anymore, and the rate of increase water running speed was obvious. Of course, complete replacement of pipes is better, but in the course of complete replacement it is usually necessary to take down the whole drywall, which adds to the cost of work.

drain pipe cleaning

Drain Pipe Cleaning vs Complete Replacement

During the above described work (partial replacement), we just cut a small piece of dry wall to replace the trap for the bathroom on the second floor of the house. We have also planned the cleaning in a way that the client could always use water while the repairs were conducted.

If you ever notice that your drain has slowed down, there are weird sounds coming from the sink, or a bad smell in your house – do not worry. Call us and we will fix it, fix any problem with minimal disruption and anxiety for your home.

We can also clean the entire underground line of your drain. We have snakes of different capacities and diameters,a powerjet, all the latest and high-tech tools for the rapid elimination of any problems you may have with your drain.

Why choose us:
– We have 15 years of experience in dealing with such problems
– We are very punctual, respect you and your property
– No price premiums
– We do not offer extra work

All our work is licensed and insured.

Call us, and stay dry.