Drain Problems And Their Fixes

Drain Problems And Their Fixes

Drain Problems

Today we want to provide you insights on where drain problems typically originate from. Drain problems can usually be divided into two categories – man-caused or independent of human actions.

Drain Problems

Frequent Causes of Drain Problems

From our experience we conclude that the most frequent cause of drain problems are roots that get grown into pipes. This usually happens on drain lines with old ceramic pipes that develop cracks over time in joint areas. Then roots grow into and across the pipes. One time we even extracted a root that completely covered a 6-inch pipe.

Another frequent cause of problems may lie in a bad slope of the sewer line. You may inquire about this when purchasing a new house. A bad slope of the sewer line, along with shifts and bad pipe connections may cause backups and disrupt your life in the household.

Calcium Deposits

Serious problems may also be caused by calcium deposits. Calcium deposits are a result of excessive amounts of cooking oil and dishwashing liquid ending up in your sewer pipes. This combination creates a calcium deposit which in turn completely blocks sewer pipes.

Often, homeowners are not always aware of the conditions of their sewer pipes. Problems mentioned above occur rather frequently, resulting in sewer backups, and often lead to very expensive repairs.

Thus, for your peace of mind, we offer best-in-class drain maintenance service which is rather inexpensive and does not take much time to perform. We will assess the conditions of your pipes with a quick camera inspection, and if there are any problems, we will figure out a solution with you, that works best for you and your household.

Our 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems and skillful professionals, along with the use of latest technologies, help us provide a great service for customers across the GTA.

Stay dry.