Drain cleaning Mississauga

Drain cleaning Mississauga, drain unclogging, drain maintenance, repair, and more. This is your short guide to learn the important facts about drain repair and maintenance. In this guide, we’ll discuss residential, commercial, and industrial drain cleaning. We will also discuss why do drains get clogged and what are the solutions available for you.

Drain cleaning Mississauga for offices, homes, and other areas

For drain cleaning Mississauga (for industrial, commercial, and residential areas), it is a must. Why? The reason is to prevent more costly problems in the future. Drain cleaning is much more affordable (and more practical) than drain repair and replacement.

For homes and other residential areas, drain cleaning will prevent sewer backups and sudden flooding. We mentioned above that drain cleaning Mississauga will prevent future problems (which can be costly). For example, sudden flooding (due to clogged drains) of the basement and the yard can result to costly repairs. Sewer backups can also cause sanitary issues in the surrounding areas.

The same thing happens in commercial and industrial areas. Clogged drains can also cause sudden flooding. It’s even more costly in these areas because there are supplies and equipment. Sewer backups and flooding can cause damages to these items and make them unusable.

Whatever the case, regular drain cleaning will prevent those costly problems. It means fewer headaches and less stress for residents and business owners. We may need regular drain maintenance to avoid accumulating clogs.

Why do drains get clogged?

Drainage systems carry away the water when we perform our daily activities such as showering, flushing the toilet, and washing the dishes. These systems also drain the rainwater that pours down. This way, we prevent rainwater from accumulating in areas inside and around our homes.

However, drains also carry away other things. As the water flows from different sources (e.g. while bathing, after washing the dishes and flushing the toilet, while raining heavily), the water takes up some dirt and debris. These things can flow through the drain pipes or get accumulated. That results to clogging.

When enough dirt has been accumulated, the clogs will be large enough to block the continuous flow of water. At first, the water flow might just be slowed down. We won’t notice the problem because everything still seems all right. But after some time, the problem gets worse.

The clogs will then be soon large enough to significantly slow down the water flow. The worst scenario is that those clogs can completely block the water flow. Starting from small clogs, it gets easier to make them bigger. This happens especially during heavy rains. Dirt from different areas (driveways, garden, home) can be washed away by the rainwater. All these dirt will go straight to our drain systems. These will stick to the existing clogs.

Another scenario is when a significantly large object gets carried away by the water and falls down the drain. For example, a toy or a piece of jewelry accidentally gets dropped and goes straight through the drain pipe. This can happen if the drain protector or strainer was displaced (especially in bathrooms). There will be nothing to block the object from going inside the drain.

An object inside the drain pipes can easily accumulate hair, dirt, and debris. Soon enough, the drain gets clogged. The wastewater then fails to pass through. The water can accumulate in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. It will be an unpleasant thing to see for families, visitors, managers, and employees.

How to clean drains and remove clogs

Drain cleaning Mississauga is the solution to prevent future hassles and problems. Drain cleaning can prevent sudden flooding (internal and basement waterproofing can also help). This is important especially when rainy season or a storm is coming up. Massive amounts of water will pour down and flow through the drains. If there are clogs, flooding will be inevitable.

Drain cleaning is best left to professionals. That’s because they get to the root of the problem and perform the job thoroughly. It means you won’t have to worry about drain clogs anytime soon. You also save money in the long run because drain maintenance is always cheaper than repairs and replacements.

However, some people still attempt to do the drain cleaning on their own. Removing the clog could also be part of the cleaning process. People perform the drain cleaning on their own because it’s free and quick. In many cases, choosing the DIY approach is good enough. This is true especially when we need a quick solution to our drain problems.

For example, sinks and toilets can get clogged suddenly. We need a quick solution because toilet and sink clogs are hassles. They’re also an unpleasant sight for both the residents and visitors. Taking the DIY approach could be our first choice.

When taking the DIY approach, there are two options. These are the chemical and mechanical methods. Let’s discuss each one.

Chemical drain cleaning

This works by dissolving the clogs and debris through the drains. When the clogs become small enough for them to pass through freely, it solves the problem. The clog is removed and the water can move through the pipes without much obstruction.

Most of us already have household chemicals that can help in unclogging the drain. Vinegar, baking soda, and muriatic acid commonly belong to that list. We can readily use them to dissolve (somehow) the clogs.

However, there’s the issue of safety. Even if the chemicals mentioned are regular household items, they can still cause eye and skin irritation. Also, if we mishandled the chemicals they can cause damages to our drain pipes. That results to replacements or repairs and thereby leading to more expenses. Finally, chemical drain cleaning might just be a temporary solution (or it might not solve the problem at all).

Fortunately, there’s another method to perform drain cleaning. Let’s discuss that next.

Mechanical drain cleaning Mississauga

This method can be much more effective than chemical drain cleaning. That’s because the mechanical method gets to the root of the problem. It’s also the preferred way for removing the solid obstructions that block the water from flowing freely.

Mechanical drain cleaning is a straightforward method. The principle is we directly remove the clog or make it move somehow. This way, the clog won’t be there anymore to block the flow of water. As mentioned earlier, it gets to the root of the problem.

There are two general ways of performing mechanical drain cleaning. One is through the use of plunger. The other is through drain snaking.

Many of us already have experience with using the plunger. It’s one of the first things we do whenever the toilet or sink gets clogged. That’s because the plunger is easy to use and it often solves the problem quickly.

However, there are cases when the clogs are pretty solid. The plunger won’t be powerful enough to remove the clogs. These problems can’t be solved no matter how forceful or how many times we do the pumping. That’s where drain snakes come in.

Drain snaking is a more direct way to getting rid of the clogs. Drain snakes can push the clogs (or pull them out). That’s because drain snakes can go inside the drain pipes. They can navigate their way through the twists and turns. Contrast that with a plunger because it doesn’t deal with the clogs directly.

Some people also take the DIY approach when it comes to using the drain snake. One reason is that we can readily buy a drain snake from the hardware store. We can then use that to remove the solid clogs we have in our drains.

When to hire professionals (Drain cleaning Mississauga services)

Taking the DIY approach has limitations. There are cases when you really need help to fix the problem. For example, the clogs can be pretty solid (after months or years of accumulation of debris or a large enough object suddenly makes it way to our drain pipes). You also need some help if the drain problems are recurring.

To save you from the troubles and hassles, we’re here to help. As a team of experienced professionals, we can completely remove the clogs. We use the proper tools for each job and we are available 24/7. We respond promptly because we know clogs are urgent and important concerns for each residential, commercial, and industrial client.

Our friendly and honest drain professionals are always ready to help. You can contact us now (with FREE consultation) at +1 416-858-4444.