Drainage Pipe: Function, Problems, and Solutions

A drainage pipe is a system that “drains” away water from an area. Commonly, this is to prevent the accumulation of water or flooding on basements and yards. In addition, drainage pipes also help prevent soil erosion and the creation of swamp-like conditions.

As a result, if each drainage pipe is working properly, this can prevent damage to properties and maintain sanitation in certain areas. This will help you avoid repair and replacement costs. You will save your money and instead spend it elsewhere. Your drain systems will be working 24/7 even without your constant attention.

What happens if a drainage pipe isn’t working properly?

But if the drains don’t work well, water will accumulate in the areas instead of flowing out. For example, if the basement gets flooded, the floors, walls, and your items will suffer from damages. You will spend money for replacements and repairs. In addition, this is also a huge hassle because everything takes time before it gets back to normal.

The problem gets worse because the weather is unpredictable. It could be that before you have time to recover, heavy rains start pouring again which further floods the basement. That’s why it’s important to make sure that each drainage pipe is working at its best. If you have suspicions about any problem, you should check or ask a professional.

How to determine if there are any drainage pipe problems?

There are common signs. One is the slow rate of draining. If the water is slowly flowing out, it means there are clogs already in the drainage pipes. The accumulated debris (or a large enough object made its way into the pipes) blocks the water from freely flowing out. This results to the slow rate of draining.

When heavy rains come or there’s a sudden inflow of lots of water in an area, the drain rate might be too slow. This will lead to flooding or having stagnant water in the yard or basement. It’s also a common scenario in bathtubs and sinks. The water fails to freely flow out which is a clear sign of clogged drain pipes.

Aside from clogged drains, another problem is deformed or warped drain pipes. This also prevents the water from flowing because the pipes are now far from their ideal shapes (hence hindering their sole function).

Deformed drain pipes can be a result of years of use (the usual wear and tear). It could also be a result of dozens of other causes known by professionals. Whatever the case, it also causes the same problem as clogged drains. Deformed drain pipes also make it easier for dirt and debris to accumulate. This can also lead to clogging and flooding eventually.

What is the solution?

There are two approaches. One is the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and the other one is asking professionals to do the job.

The DIY approach is straightforward. You use your own tools and expend the effort yourself to fix the problem. If the drains in toilets or sinks are clogged, many residents use a plunger or mixture of mild chemicals to dislodge or dissolve the debris. In many cases it works. In addition, it requires urgent attention that’s why they do whatever they can at the moment.

Some residents use a simple drain snake to directly remove the clog. You can readily buy one from a hardware store and use it immediately. However, you may need some other tools to completely perform the job. Some drain repairs require you to disassemble parts or dig around to spot and repair the problem. In addition, it could get messy and laborious. It’s not even a sure approach especially if you’re not certain about what the problem is.

That’s why residents (and many commercial and industrial clients) prefer working with drain service professionals. These pros accurately determine the problem and deal with the root cause of each issue. They also use powerful tools to repair and unclog each drainage pipe in homes and commercial establishments.

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