Clogged Drain Cleaning and Replacement

Clogged Drain Cleaning

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Today we want to tell you about one of your most important decisions, which is the choice of cleaning or replacement of the sewer system. If your house has a clogged sewer, it must be repaired immediately, because sewage problems make a house uninhabitable. What should you do in case of problems?

The first step that you need to take is to perform a camera inspection. This will let you know how clogged your sewer system is. When using the snake, we perform clogged drain cleaning, unclog a drain, remove the blockage from the inside, and you can start using the drain again as usual. However, there might be some complications.

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When you have a building trap on the drain line, the snake will not work, if the root has grown into the pipe. Once we cut it with a snake, the root will continue to grow, which will lead to new problems – backups, and clogging the sewage system again. Also, shifts may occur in your old system.

clogged drain cleaning

Consider permanent solutions, such as complete or partial drain replacement, if you often notice a bad smell in your basement.

A very important detail is the presence of building trap. 90% of all the blockages in the drain system occur at the building trap. Therefore, we recommend to remove it and install 2 back-to-back cleanouts. Cleanouts facilitate easier access to your drain system, and make it easy for us to perform clogged drain cleaning in any direction.

If you got a backup – do not panic. Just call us and we, AAADrain specialists, will fix any problems you have with your sewer system.

Why customers choose us over other companies:
– 15 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area
– Punctuality
– We keep you informed about our work, and work out out solutions together
– Take good care of your property

So call us, and stay dry.

Clogged drain cleaning

Clogged drain cleaning is one of the most common requested plumbing services. Why? There is just no way to avoid clogged drains. No matter how careful you are, it will happen. It is just a matter of time.

clogged drain cleaning

Speaking of time, you need to act fast if you want to avoid more costly problems. You can do it yourself or hire professionals to perform blocked drain cleaning. For severe problems or if you don’t have the time, it is recommended to let the experts do the job.

Severe problems can cause damage to surrounding areas. The most common is flooding. Another problem is that clogged drains are just hassles to you and your family. You also don’t want any visitor to see you have problems in your toilet or kitchen sink.

Even for mild problems, you can also ask the help of professionals. Clogged drain cleaning can be laborious. In addition, you might also want to get to the root of the problem. That will ensure you won’t be experiencing the same problem for a long time in the future.

So if you want to clear clogs in your toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink, or floor drain, you need to know how it’s done. This way you will know what is the best solution to your particular problem. Also, you will learn more about when you should ask for help.

First we will talk about mechanical snaking. Next is we will also talk about partial or full drain replacement. Let’s discuss each one:

Clogged Drain Cleaning: Mechanical snaking

Mechanical snaking or simply drain snaking is a straightforward way to remove stubborn clogs. Here’s how it works. The “snake” enters into the drain pipe. Then it breaks out the clog. The debris is then flushed further or pulled out.

Many people resort to using mechanical snakes when plunging doesn’t work. A great advantage of this is that the snakes can enter deep into the drain. They can get to the root of the problem. Contrast that with plunging. If you are using the plunger for more than an hour, maybe a better solution is to try mechanical snaking.

You can actually buy a drain snake from a hardware store. You can hold the drain snake and remove the clogs yourself. On the other hand, you can also ask professionals to do the snaking. They use powerful mechanical snakes that effectively remove clogs.

In many cases, maybe doing it yourself and using a tool from your local hardware store is enough. But in some cases, a powerful drain snake is the best solution. It’s especially effective for removing pretty solid clogs in drains.

Experienced pros can completely remove clogs and unblock drains in a much more cost-effective way. Some people are tempted to use harsh chemicals or try a bunch of different ways to remove clogs. They will try everything themselves to save on cost. However, with pros you can actually save time and money. Not to mention the additional hassles you’ve been spared from.

Now you know what is mechanical snaking. Let’s move on to Partial or Full Drain Replacement.

Partial/Full Drain Replacement

Some clogs can’t be totally removed by mechanical snaking or any other methods. Maybe they just got stuck really well into the drain pipes. Applying much force might also cause more damages to the drain system. Clogged drain cleaning might not be enough to solve the problem.

What is the solution then? You need partial or full drain replacement. This is a much easier solution. Plumbers can identify which parts of the drain system need replacement.

Drain replacement could be the best solution for residential properties. It requires expertise and might need some excavation work.  For commercial and industrial drain systems, partial or full drain replacement could be the only solution. Industrial and commercial drain problems could be much more severe. Clients need expert solutions that remove the problem once and for all.

So if you need clogged drain cleaning or drain replacement services, it’s good to work with plumbing professionals. As a team of honest, friendly, reliable, and experienced pros, we provide the best solutions that solve various drain problems. Let us handle the drain cleaning or replacement if you want to ensure a job well done.

Clogged shower drain

Clogged shower drain

Clogged shower drain? It is a hassle, and a common problem in households and even in commercial areas. Hair, soap, and minerals from hard water normally cause the problem. Dropped items that went through the drain are also one of the causes.

If left alone, clogged shower drains will lead to more problems. Overflowing water can flood the bathroom and damage the surrounding areas. That leads to more expenses. If you want to avoid more expenses and more problems, you need reliable solutions for your clogged shower drain.

Actually, there are a few things you could do on your own to unclog your shower drain. You may manually remove the clog with your hand, drain snake, or plunger. You may also use some chemicals to dissolve and break out the clog.

Blocked bathtub drain solutions

clogged shower drain
Let is explore each one and discuss the pros and cons of each:

First is by removing the jammed bathtub clog with your hand. It is simple and easy. You start by removing the drain stopper with a screwdriver. Then you pick up the clog from the inside. Here is the thing. It is hard to see what is beneath the drain stopper even if you’re using a flashlight. You might hurt yourself because you’re not sure what is the clog made up of.

Another method is by drain snaking. Drain snakes are quite flexible and can work their way through drains and pipes. You can readily make a drain snake by using a wire hanger (that is improvising). You can also buy one from hardware stores. However, doing the drain snaking yourself might not remove the solid clogs. Also, if you’re not careful you might damage what surrounds the tub drain.

Plunging might also solve your clogged bathtub drain problem. Just make sure that there are some water surrounding the drain. That will help in making the plunger do its job. You pump a few times and move the handle up and down. It will help in making the clog come near the surface. You can then pick that up and problem solved.

If after several attempts plunging doesn’t do the trick, that is probably because the clogs are pretty solid. Using a plunger is ideal for removing mildly soft clogs. But for solid debris, you need other ways to do the job.

Unclog a shower drain

Aside from plunging, drain snaking, and manual removing, there is another way. It is the use of chemical drain cleaners. They work this way. These chemicals partially dissolve the debris. They will break out the clogs. Then they will move freely through the drain.

Many people advise to start with vinegar, baking soda, and other readily available “chemicals.” These are just mild and won’t cause damage to the drain surroundings. If you’re using harsher chemicals, just be careful and protect your eyes and skin.

For the common clogged shower drain problems, you can do one or two of the above ways. You can readily do them right after reading this. Most clogged shower drains are just caused by accumulated hair. You can easily remove the hair with the above mentioned methods.

However, there are a few cases where you really need to hire plumbing professionals. If the clogs are pretty solid and the problem is persistent, the methods mentioned above might not be enough. It is tempting to use more force or harsher chemicals. It gets tiring and the chemicals might cause personal injuries or damage to your drain.

That is why working with experts could be the best way to solve the problem. You spare yourself the labor and possible dangers. We’re not talking about a short-term solution. What we’re talking about is a long-term one.

Why? Because AAADrain professionals get to the root of the problem. We completely remove the clogs. We also prevent future problems. After we work on the problem, you might not encounter a clogged shower drain again for a long time.

A clogged shower drain is a common problem. And the solutions are simple and easy. You can go for the free or paid (hiring pros) to solve the problem. Just act fast if you don’t want the overflowing water to damage your floors. Also, act fast if you have a family or visitor coming over. You don’t want them to experience the same hassle.

AAADrain is a team of experienced and friendly professionals. We have 15 years of experience dealing with a comprehensive range of problems involving drain cleaning, replacement, repair ,and waterproofing. All our work is insured, and in many cases we provide a 25-year warranty.

Call us and stay dry.

Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most common plumbing services needed by residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. We perform drain cleaning to prevent more costly problems in the future.

One of the most common problems is a clogged drain, and to prevent it, drain maintenance or cleaning is needed.

Households and commercial clients also need drain cleaning services if the notice a bad odour near sinks and tubs. Some accumulated dirt and bacteria might be causing that bad smell. Drain cleaning will take care of that.

Another purpose of drain cleaning (besides maintenance) is the actual removing of clogs. If dirt and debris has already accumulated, drain cleaning is a must. Clogged drains can cause water to back up and damage your floors and other nearby areas. If left alone for long, those clogged drains might cause damages to pipes. This will lead to more expenses because you will need repair and replacement.

Whether for drain maintenance or unclogging, there are two ways to do it:

Drain Cleaning Methods

First is through the use of chemical products. It works this way. The chemicals react with the debris and dirt. These chemical products dissolve the debris. The debris then is free to move along the drains. That solves the problem.

There are two types of chemical drain cleaners. One is acidic. The other is alkaline. You can readily buy some chemical drain cleaners from hardware stores. Both the acidic and alkaline chemicals are effective in removing hair and grease clogs.

However, there are issues. One issue of course, is about safety. These chemicals can cause harm to your eyes, skin, and lungs. Chemical drain cleaners are relatively strong acidic and alkaline products. That’s why it’s recommended to hire plumbing experts to do the job. They can also cause damages to the pipes, drains, and other fixtures. Another issue is that chemical drain cleaners might not remove the solid obstructions.

When it comes to solid obstructions, the mechanical way is the best. This is also called drain snaking. It works this way. The plumber’s snake enters into the drain. It hooks the clog and pulls it out. It can also break out the clog into smaller pieces so it can move further freely down the drain.

Drain snakes are either hand or motor-powered. These “snakes” need power because they rotate. This is to better remove the clogs inside the drains.

Whether hand or motor-powered, you must prioritize safety. Drain snakes can cause injuries. You must be careful with the grip. They can also cause damages to your pipes if not handled properly. To avoid worse problems, you need to hire plumbing professionals to do the job.

You might be thinking, “I can do drain cleaning by myself.” Perhaps you want to save money. The truth is, you will be saving more money in the long run if you hire pros to do the job. You will avoid the damages. You will save time. You avoid hassles. You will also prevent worse problems from happening.

Why hire AAADrain drain cleaning professionals

  • Years of experience
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Warranty

Years of experience. As experienced professionals we have already solved a wide variety of plumbing and drain problems. You get less worries because we know what we’re doing. No matter what your drain problem is, we can do the job.

Reliability. You must hire people you can count on. Drain problems cause a lot of hassles. Water will back up and might cause damages to your kitchen. They might also cause some unpleasant smell roaming in your kitchen or bathroom.

Availability. You need fast solutions when it comes to drain cleaning. Problems with clogged drains are usually unexpected, and might come up anytime. They might occur on weekends or evenings. We are available 24/7 across GTA, at your service.

Warranty. You don’t want drain cleaning to cause more problems down the road. You want reliable solutions that will solve your drain problems once and for all, without any worries. We provide up to 25 worry-free years of warranty on our services.

As a team of honest, experienced, and friendly professionals, we do drain cleaning as if we do it for our own homes. We use the best drain cleaning methods, respect you and aim to minimize the effect on your property.

Call us, and stay dry.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about two ways to maintain a drain system.

Usually, problems with a drain system occur suddenly, and require immediate solutions. And oftentimes, caught off guard, people are not ready to shell out substantial amount of money to solve a problem right away.

Hence why we offer a drain cleaning solutions by a mechanical snake or a power jet, which is both inexpensive and every effective – a win-win for a customer. However, that is only a temporary solution, and problems are likely to be recur again in the future.

Drain cleaning with snake or jet

With the help of a mechanical snake we can fix, for instance, a drain blockage. However, drain blockage is just a symptom of an underlying problem, which will likely persist unless we attack its causes. A mechanical snake is a rather powerful machine. Thus, frequent drain cleaning solutions by a mechanical snake may damage your drain pipes, especially if they’re old. Repairs of such pipes will cost you even more money.

It may be tempting to simply opt for cheapest drain cleaning solutions. However, it will usually backfire in the long run. So, to determine the best solution to any drain problem, we start off by conducting a camera inspection. After the inspection the situation is clear, and our experienced workers will advise you with the best possible solution.

Clean drian with chemical solution

drain cleaning solutions

You may also try solving such problems yourself, by using, for instance, chemical cleaners. If there are trees nearby your property, their ingrown roots may cause frequent drain problems. So if you notice that you’ve been cleaning your drain frequently, and your property is within a relatively short proximity from trees, we would advise you to have your drain replaced instead.

We, specialists from AAADrain, have 15 years of experience dealing with a comprehensive set of drain problems. We have the latest technologies in our arsenal, and are ready to tackle any problem you may have with your drain system. Our workers are friendly and our solutions are sensible. Our drain replacements are insured for 25 years, and all our work is licensed.

Call us, and stay dry.

Drain Service – Drain Cleaning

Drain Service

Over the years, we have worked in the city of Toronto providing quality drain service and replacement of sewage pipes and systems.

In our work we try to fully focus on the client. We listen to you, give a preliminary assessment, offer licensed services, and develop a solution together with you.

For the development of solutions to eliminate blockages in the sewer system, we use the latest technologies and always keep the client in the know.

Blockages need to be eliminated immediately. One possible solution is drain cleaning. For a successful drain service process, it is necessary to assess the situation – namely where the blockage is located, where the flood comes from, and whether there is an opportunity to assess the material. There are various causes of blockages – remnants of soap, hair, oil, roots of close-growing trees, and other foreign objects.

Drain Cleaning

If your trap has a blockage of a relatively small size, drain service can be easily performed with a plunger. But if you have resorted to this drain service method rather often over the past few years, it would make sense to call us for a check up.

When performing drain service on serious clogs, we use snakes of all possible diameters and capacities, as well as hydro-jets. Old fat that gets into your drain from the kitchen sink is the hardest to clean.

Therefore, you’d better clean off grease from kitchen utensils. You can also perform drain service of your sewer system with a baking soda solution, or stronger chemical agents, but you need to be very careful and make sure to meticulously follow the instructions.

Drain Service - Drain Cleaning

Drain Problem? No Problem

If you often have problems with your sewer system, it makes sense to change it. With proper planning of vents, the selection of a desired slope, you will be full of confidence regarding the operation of your sewer system.

We, AAADrain experts, have been working in the GTA for 15 years, solving such problems. All the work we do is previously estimated, and we have no extra charges. Everything is licensed and insured. We are punctual and friendly.

Call us, and stay dry.


Drain Cleaning Solution

Drain Cleaning Solution

Hello friends.

Recently, we have had a lot of questions about drain cleaning and drain cleaning solution. Today we have decided to elaborate in more detail on the cause of blockages and various ways of their elimination.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Along with water, kitchen sinks often get large amounts of fat, food leftovers, leftover vegetables. As a rule, this is the usual cause of the clogged trap under the kitchen sink.

How to unclog kitchen sink

The first tool that is commonly used is the usual plunger, which is present in almost every home. If you have a double sink, try to seal one of them while you work on the other one. Typically, plunger removes about 90% of blockages in kitchen sinks. If the plunger did not unclog your sink, you you can use a manual snake of a small diameter.

Sometimes, the problem is not in the trap, but further down the line. Then you can remove the trap and use a snake of a small diameter. After using the snake, we can determine the amount of fat in the pipe and, if necessary, carry out more thorough cleaning using a powerjet. Also, when cleaning the drain of the kitchen sink, you can use chemical cleaners, but we only recommend that as a preventive measure. When a sink full of water, such means will probably not work, as liquid will dilute the drain cleaning solution concentration and the effectiveness will decrease significantly. Regardless, use chemicals carefully read the instructions.

The next stage – the bath and shower. As a rule, the problems start because of hair. The most suitable method for cleaning is a snake of a small diameter. Once again, you can also use chemical cleaning methods. Once a year, you can carry out preventive cleaning your entire system.

drain cleaning solution

Clogged Toilet

The next step – clogged toilet. If there was a blockage in your drain pipe, this is a serious problem. Clogged underground pipes are usually caused by ingrown roots or calcium deposits. In these types of blockages it is better to perform inspection with a camera to determine the cause of the blockage first. Then use a large mechanical snake, which usually quickly and easily removes the roots from the pipes and you can use your sewer system immediately.

If the source of the problem is a calcium deposit, then the most effective method is a powerjet.

Drain Cleaners

There are other ways of cleaning, such as biocleaning, but they require a lot of time and don’t always work. You certainly can perform cleaning of your sewer system yourself, but in the process you can cause a lot of harm if something goes wrong.

Therefore, if you notice any malfunction of your sewer system, symptoms of which may include extraneous sounds, bad smell, slow liquid draining – call us, we will answer all your questions, and fix any problems you may have with your sewer system.

We have many years of experience in this type of work. All our employees are licensed, and all our work in insured.

Call us, and stay dry.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about caring for your home, your sewer system in particular. If you notice that you have been using the plunger often, or it takes a long time to for water to drain from the kitchen sink, then it is time for you to think about drain cleaning maintenance.

drain maintenance cleaning

Maintenance is a relatively inexpensive and a quick way to refresh the performance of your sewer system which will improve your quality of life. There are many ways to do it yourself with the help of soda, baking soda and vinegar, or strong chemical cleaners. If you choose this method you can manage on your own, but if you’re using a chemical cleaner make sure that it’s composition will not dissolve the material that makes up your pipes. Also, protect yourself – use rubber gloves and safety glasses and be careful as chemical cleaners can cause burns.

This type of cleaning can take place once every few years. It is inexpensive and not time consuming. Watch what gets in your sink, use protection in the kitchen sink, and avoid pouring fat directly into it.

Drain Backup Solution

If you have had a backup with which you could not cope – call us. We have mechanical snakes of varying sizes and power, a power jet, allowing us to quickly and efficiently solve all your problems with the sewage system without a need for its total or partial replacement.

We have 15 years of experience in solving all kinds of sewage problems. We are friendly, honest, and do not cheat e.g. by adding unnecessary work. All our work is insured and licensed. We respect you and your property.

With constant drain cleaning maintenance you will be aware of the condition of your sewer system and can avoid a very expensive and, most importantly, unplanned problems. Whatever happens, do not panic and call us.

Stay dry.

Drain Cleaning: Blockage and Backup

Drain Cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we want to talk about drain cleaning.

A need for drain cleaning usually originates when you get a backup. Fortunately, in many cases, you can fix the problem yourself in a few steps.

First off, do not panic and use water. Take a look, and try to find where the backup originates from. You have several options:
• Basement floor drain
• Basement laundry
• Toilet or bathtub
• Kitchen sink

If the backup comes from the floor drain and the water returns to the basement after its use anywhere in your home, then the problem lies on the main line after the connection with the floor drain.

drain cleaning

You can solve this problem with a big mechanical snake.

If a backup from the laundry reaches the basement, and the floor near the floor drain id dry, then the problem is usually located at the spot the stack connects with the drain line. If your stack also contains a cleanout, the problem can also be solved with a big mechanical snake.
You can rent a mechanical snake from stores like Home Depot and do everything yourself. This does not require any special knowledge or license. By doing it yourself you also save your money.


Blockages of bathtubs, sinks and toilets not located in the basement can usually be solved with a manual plunger, present in almost every household.
Now I would like to stop on the causes of blockage in your pipes. These problems usually belong to either of these two categories:
• Human-caused
• Human-independent

Let us start with the first category. When washing dishes try to prevent the flow of food particles and excess fat into the sewage system. Use extra protection for your kitchen sink, wipe the oil with a paper towel and dispose of it in the trash.

Try to prevent foreign objects from getting into your sink. If you have a dog – keep the toilet shut. We have pulled out 11 dog toys once while replacing a trap.

Preventing a backup is not that difficult.

Also, make sure that your line does not contain a building trap.

If you still had a backup, and you cannot deal with it yourself, do not hesitate to call us. We will solve all your problems at a time convenient for you.
We have extensive and comprehensive experience coupled with the best equipment. All our work is licensed and covered by insurance.

Drain Repair with Pipe Replacement

Drain Repair

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you more about full and partial sewer pipe replacement, which are a crucial part of the drain repair process.

If you happen to have any problems with your system, we will conduct a camera inspection to determine the location and the cause of the problem. Usually, problems are caused by either roots in pipes, pipe collapse, an overflowing building trap, a foreign object that is blocking the whole drain system, or the lack of a slope.

drain repair blockage pipe clear

After inspection, we determine the best way to eliminate the blockage, and, subsequently, repair the drain. It usually suffices to dig out a pit and replace the problematic piece of the pipe, followed by an obligatory installation of a back-to-back cleanouts. With the help of the cleanout you can always see what’s happening in your sewer system.

After installing the cleanout we perform another camera inspection and check again the entire drain system and conclude whether our drain repair process was effective. If the sewer line still has problems, then we write up a report, and, if necessary, continue to work to address the problems. It is up to you.

In case of serious problems with your system, it is much cheaper and safer for you to change the entire sewer system and install a backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

We would like to elaborate a little on the topic of the backwater valve. There is an active City of Toronto program, under which the installation of a backwater valve will get you a rebate of 75% of the cost of, up to $ 1250 in total. In addition, the installation of backwater valve to helps reduce the price of your home insurance. It can help prevent a wet, leaky basement. We can install a backwater valve for your household either inside or outside of your home with the full or partial replacement of your sewer system.

Note that sometimes, 8 or even 10 fitting pipes are required to properly install a backwater valve due to the construction of the device.

For us, licensed AAADrain professionals, there are simply no unsolvable problems in matters of sewage, waterproofing, and water service. We have 15 years of experience in GTA and surrounding areas. We have a responsible and positive attitude in regards to our work, with which you always get a decade-long insurance.

Choosing us, you get quality and a peace of mind.

Stay dry