Drainage Pipe: Function, Problems, and Solutions

A drainage pipe is a system that “drains” away water from an area. Commonly, this is to prevent the accumulation of water or flooding on basements and yards. In addition, drainage pipes also help prevent soil erosion and the creation of swamp-like conditions.

As a result, if each drainage pipe is working properly, this can prevent damage to properties and maintain sanitation in certain areas. This will help you avoid repair and replacement costs. You will save your money and instead spend it elsewhere. Your drain systems will be working 24/7 even without your constant attention.

What happens if a drainage pipe isn’t working properly?

But if the drains don’t work well, water will accumulate in the areas instead of flowing out. For example, if the basement gets flooded, the floors, walls, and your items will suffer from damages. You will spend money for replacements and repairs. In addition, this is also a huge hassle because everything takes time before it gets back to normal.

The problem gets worse because the weather is unpredictable. It could be that before you have time to recover, heavy rains start pouring again which further floods the basement. That’s why it’s important to make sure that each drainage pipe is working at its best. If you have suspicions about any problem, you should check or ask a professional.

How to determine if there are any drainage pipe problems?

There are common signs. One is the slow rate of draining. If the water is slowly flowing out, it means there are clogs already in the drainage pipes. The accumulated debris (or a large enough object made its way into the pipes) blocks the water from freely flowing out. This results to the slow rate of draining.

When heavy rains come or there’s a sudden inflow of lots of water in an area, the drain rate might be too slow. This will lead to flooding or having stagnant water in the yard or basement. It’s also a common scenario in bathtubs and sinks. The water fails to freely flow out which is a clear sign of clogged drain pipes.

Aside from clogged drains, another problem is deformed or warped drain pipes. This also prevents the water from flowing because the pipes are now far from their ideal shapes (hence hindering their sole function).

Deformed drain pipes can be a result of years of use (the usual wear and tear). It could also be a result of dozens of other causes known by professionals. Whatever the case, it also causes the same problem as clogged drains. Deformed drain pipes also make it easier for dirt and debris to accumulate. This can also lead to clogging and flooding eventually.

What is the solution?

There are two approaches. One is the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and the other one is asking professionals to do the job.

The DIY approach is straightforward. You use your own tools and expend the effort yourself to fix the problem. If the drains in toilets or sinks are clogged, many residents use a plunger or mixture of mild chemicals to dislodge or dissolve the debris. In many cases it works. In addition, it requires urgent attention that’s why they do whatever they can at the moment.

Some residents use a simple drain snake to directly remove the clog. You can readily buy one from a hardware store and use it immediately. However, you may need some other tools to completely perform the job. Some drain repairs require you to disassemble parts or dig around to spot and repair the problem. In addition, it could get messy and laborious. It’s not even a sure approach especially if you’re not certain about what the problem is.

That’s why residents (and many commercial and industrial clients) prefer working with drain service professionals. These pros accurately determine the problem and deal with the root cause of each issue. They also use powerful tools to repair and unclog each drainage pipe in homes and commercial establishments.

Many residents and other clients choose us because we have over 15 years of experience in solving both simple and complicated drain problems. We also offer a FREE consultation if you call us at +1 416-858-4444.

Let us repair or unclog your drainage pipe if you need a prompt and professional service. We are available 24/7 and we provide urgent attention and action to each problem.

Drain cleaner: What you need to know

A drain cleaner can refer to a chemical (that somehow dissolves the clog) or a device that gets to the root of the problem (drain snake).

In both cases, the goal is to unclog the drain system. This is for the water to flow away through. If the drain system is always clear from clogs, there’s less risk for flooding or water backup.

What happens if the drains are clogged? When sudden heavy rains come (or light rains going on for days), water can accumulate especially in low-lying areas such as the basement. Water has no way to go through because of the clogs.

In our bathrooms and kitchens, clogged drains can also cause problems. Water can also accumulate in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Some of the dirt might back up, which can be a hazardous health issue. It’s also an unpleasant sight for both residents and visitors.

Clogged drains are a serious problem for the residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. Blocked drains can cause property damages and thousands of dollars of expenses if the problem was not taken seriously.

That’s why many people opt for a quality drain cleaner service. But before that, they usually take the do-it-yourself approach. Let’s explore that first. Then we will briefly discuss drain cleaner services offered by experienced professionals.

Drain cleaner: The DIY approach

Drain Cleaner Service - Drain Cleaning
We discussed earlier that a drain cleaner can refer either to a chemical or a device.

In many cases, chemicals and drain snakes can effectively unclog the drains. They both work because they usually directly deal with the root of the problem.

Many residents go for a drain cleaner on toilets and sinks when plunging no longer works. Using a plunger is laborious. Also, if the problem is frequent or persistent, a drain cleaner is the best way to go.

What is a chemical drain cleaner? It partially dissolves the clog. This way the clog can get smaller (or alter its shape). The clog can then freely move down the drain and there will be nothing to block the water.

Residents can easily buy a chemical drain cleaner from the store. In many cases, it can effectively dissolve or remove the clog. Drain cleaning solutions can be made up of strong or mild chemicals.

Many residents also try the mild “chemicals” readily available at home. Many try the use of baking soda and vinegar to clear the clogged drain. They commonly use it in sinks where the problem is just light and not too serious.

Aside from chemicals, some residents also use a mechanical drain cleaner. A common device for this is the drain snake (also called a drain auger or plumber’s snake). It’s called as such because the device resembles a snake.

The drain snake can move through the curves and narrow paths of the drain system. Then, once it touches the clog, the drain snake can pull it out or move it somehow so it can go down the drain. It’s a simple and straightforward approach to unclogging the drain system.

Residents can readily buy a mechanical drain cleaner from a hardware store. Some have figured out ingenious ways to make a drain snake of their own (by using a wire). Just like with the chemicals, a simple drain snake can solve many drain problems.

When do you need a drain cleaner service?

If the above approaches already work, why would you even need a drain service?

There are cases when the clogs are pretty solid. It could be the result of having a large enough object being accidentally dropped into the drain. It can also be the result of years of accumulated dirt and debris.

Another case is when the drain systems in commercial and industrial establishments are clogged. These are big systems which require a powerful device and professional approach.

In homes, offices, and other commercial areas, a professional drain cleaner service might be the best solution. A team of experienced professionals can take care of the problem and even prevent worse problems down the road.

Our team uses powerful drain snakes to completely remove the clog. This will help you prepare for the upcoming rainy days. You won’t have to worry much about sudden flooding because you know the drain is working perfectly.

We also offer a complete drain repair and waterproofing solution. We address each issue promptly and we offer a free consultation. Stay dry and call us at +1 416-858-4444.

Drainage Problems: Fix Common Issues

Drainage Problems
drainage blockage solution

img_20161120_200454_01Drainage problems are common in both residential and commercial areas.

However, most people aren’t even aware if their places have those drain problems. Worse, by the time they finally found out, it’s already too late.

When sudden heavy rains do come, flood is certain if the drains are clogged. This can cause damage to your property. As a result, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars for the repairs. You could have avoided those expenses if you found out earlier about the problem.

Well, some people are already aware their place has a drainage issue. However, the problem seems small and significant. But when the time comes, flooding and sanitation issues go out of hand.

That’s why it’s good to spot those problems early on. It’s also good to take urgent action on those problems. This way, you’ll avoid the more difficult problems once sudden heavy rains come. In the end, you’ll actually save thousands of dollars.

In this short guide, we’ll briefly discuss how to spot drainage problems. We’ll also discuss a few solutions you can apply immediately. Let’s begin.

Drainage problem signs you have to watch out

Do you see water stains in your basement?

It might be a common sight. But there might be serious problems hiding there. That’s the case especially if the stain extends in a line around your basement. It’s a high water mark that could be caused either by low basement level or fluctuating water table. Later in this article, we’ll discuss the solution to this problem.

Aside from water stains in the basement, you should also look for foundation cracks.

Those cracks might have been there ever since the house was built (or since when it was last renovated). Those cracks in the foundation could just be normal. However, there’s a problem if those cracks continue to widen.

The two signs mentioned above are both interior problems. Another sign to watch out for can be found outside. It’s time to look at the yard, especially after rains.

If the yard is always flooding, that means the soil doesn’t drain properly. The accumulated water (and its prolonged stay there) can cause frequent dampness in the yard. Also, the water can cause some carves on and around the landscape. It ruins the view and it’s simply not a pleasant sight to see.

These signs are pretty easy to spot. You can check your yard, foundation, and basement right now and see if there are any problems. Once you’ve confirmed your suspicions, you can go back to this article and explore the solutions.

If you’re uncertain whether you have drainage problems or not, you can also ask the experts for some help. You can call us at +1 416-858-4444 if you have any questions about drains. We offer a free consultation.

Drainage solutions: Drain clearing, repair, and waterproofing

Have you checked your yard, basement, and foundation?

If you see the signs and you’re sure there are underlying problems, it’s time to explore the solutions.

As mentioned earlier, water stains in the basement could mean serious problem. To avoid the potential flooding, one way is to install an interior drain system and sump pump. This will pump out the wastewater and flood out of the area. It will keep the place dry even during sudden rains or outflow of water.

What about the cracks in the foundation? If those cracks continue to widen over the months and years, there might be some risks. To know the extent of the problem, you can consult experts. They will help you assess the risks and figure out cost-effective solutions for the problem.

Now, let’s explore the solutions for your yard. If your garden turns into a swamp after some rain, there’s a problem with your outdoor drain system.

Water often accumulates in lower-lying areas because of gravity. If the pathways for the water to flow are blocked, it will continually accumulate there. Your garden might be naturally lower (or the area becomes lower due to soil erosion) compared to the surrounding areas. That’s why the water naturally accumulates there.

However, that’s no excuse for the garden to turn into an occasional swamp. The drainage system must carry the water further down and out of the area. Maybe the drain opening near the soil is somehow clogged. It could also be that the drain pipes underneath the ground are damaged or clogged due to accumulation of dirt and debris.

What to do?

Your drainage problems might require drain clearing, repair, or waterproofing. In all cases, a team of experienced professionals can help you solve those problems.

As a Toronto-based certified company, we have a team of pros with over 15 years of experience. We can clear the clogged drains (and prevent potential flooding). We provide Toronto waterproofing services as well.

Call us now at +1 416-858-4444 if you want a free consultation.

Toronto Drain System

Toronto drain systems have been helping to manage storm water for decades. These systems also help in avoiding basement flooding and other water runoff problems.

Why is it important to manage storm water?

Flooding is a common problem that results from storm water. Rain falls down. Water runs off from roofs, parking lots, driveways, and other areas. Water goes down and accumulates in drain systems. It also accumulates in other spaces such as basements.

The same problem occurs with melting snow. The water that comes from melting snow can also accumulate in basements and other areas. Flooding occurs and it’s a huge hassle for homeowners and families.

Flooding in basements and other areas also results to other hassles and problems. Mold growth and property damages can also be the results of flooding. This leads to more expenses and recurring problems.

Good news is homeowners can explore different solutions. They can choose to install flood protection devices. They can also ask professional services from experts. This is a good way to minimize the risks. This also helps homeowners gain peace of mind. This also helps homeowners save money instead of spending it on property repairs.

What is the local government’s role in basement flooding prevention?

Much of the Toronto drain and sewer systems were designed to the needs of the area during 50 to 80 years ago. Times change and there’s population growth and climate change. More extreme storms are now coming to the area.

The local government continues to make improvements in our Toronto drain systems. But the risks are always present. Heavy rain and snowfall are both unpredictable. The amounts of water that accumulate can exceed our expectations anytime. That’s why it’s best to be prepared. We should also take care of the possible drain problems as soon as we can.

One way the local government helps in solving Toronto drain problems is by giving subsidies. This is to make the expenses lighter. Different areas also have different risks. To stay safe, homeowners must take immediate actions such as getting help from pros. It’s also good that homeowners are aware of the solutions they can tap into.

How to minimize the risk of basement flooding?

Toronto drain systems are complex networks of pipes, catch basins, and sewers. Engineers designed these to minimize risks of flooding. Millions could have been spent already to prevent flooding problems.

Homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune to reduce the risk of basement flooding. They can take immediate actions that will prevent unnecessary expenses in the long run. That’s why we’ll discuss some of the cost-effective solutions homeowners can apply.

One solution is for homeowners to install a backwater valve or a sump pump. Heavy rainfall can overload the storm sewer systems. The water can come back up to our homes and flood our basements and other areas. That’s where a backwater valve can help. It ensures that there’s only a one-way flow of water. This way water from overloaded sewers won’t come into your basement.

Sump pumps can also help prevent basement flooding. Sump pumps are best for homes with a regular basement flooding problem. They pump the water out to solve dampness and prevent property damages.

Basement waterproofing also reduces flooding risks.. This solution is more direct. Professionals can fix the basement walls to prevent water from coming in. This could help in keeping your basement safe and dry.

Experienced pros can help you choose the right solutions for your basement. Different homes can have unique problems. That’s why it’s important to have the right solution specific to the risks involved.

Need Toronto drain services?

We mentioned earlier about the local government giving subsidies. But they don’t cover everything and there are specific requirements. One such requirement is hiring a licensed contractor. This is to ensure that qualified pros are providing you with the service. It’s important that qualified pros perform the job to prevent recurring problems.

As a team of qualified and reliable professionals, we are ready to provide quality Toronto drain services. We are a licensed contractor that is available 24/7. This is because we know that drain problems need urgent solutions. We can also help you explore solutions (including about subsidies) so you can save money. Call us at 416-858-4444 if you want a free consultation.

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about the partial replacement of your sewer system. Sometimes a partial replacement of sewer pipes is all you need. It may happen so that the pipe is broken in one place or the roots have grown into one place. The whole system seems to be OK, but does not work. This usually happens at the trap, but may be elsewhere. In order to find out the reason we perform a camera inspection, establish the problem and its causes, then start working on the replacement.

At full or partial replacement, we always set the two back-to-back cleanouts, that easier access to your sewer pipes to the next service or maintenance. And now, we would like to tell you about the installation of backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

This device protects your home against the ingress of water in the basement by the urban sewerage, during heavy rains, when the city’s sewer pipes are jammed or cannot cope with large amounts of water.

To install backwater valve slope need a little more than is present in your pipe. To do this, we need to dig another hole, and do slope on the backwater valve by increasing the length of the replacement.

backwater valve

Backwater Valve City of Toronto Rebate

This of course is more expensive than a simple replacement part, but now the city operates rebate program, under which the city will give you up to $ 1,250 for the installation of backwater or backflow valve.

We have all the licenses and insurances, we provide a quote for the work in advance, as well as provide additional guarantees.
Call us, and stay dry.

Drain snaking

Drain snaking could be the only solution left if cleaning the trap and plunging don’t work. It works this way. The “snake” enters into the drain and hooks in the clog. You pull it out and there you have it, problem solved. It also works by breaking out the clog. You flush water and the debris freely flows out of the system.

drain snaking

Why drain snaking

Drain snakes are called as such because of their resemblance to the live ones. They are flexible and they can work around the twists and turns of the drain pipes. Contrast that with plunging. Drain snaking goes directly to the root of the problem. When plungers can’t remove the clog, expect drain snakes to do the job.

You might be tempted to use more force on plunging or harsh chemicals to remove the clog. That is actually dangerous and counterproductive. Worse is that you might damage the drain pipes when you continue doing them. That leads to more problems and more expenses to your household.

Some caution

However, drain snaking can also lead to damages. This happens especially when you use the wrong type of snake. It can damage the drain pipe’s interior. Another thing is that the wrong type of snake and wrong application of it can damage the surface of pipes and kitchen sinks.

One of the best things to do is to be careful about drain snaking. It’s not only because of possible damages to your drain pipes, but also for your own safety. You need to be careful with the grip, whether you’re using a mechanical or hand-cranked snake.

Still, drain snaking could be the only option left to finally remove the clogs. As mentioned, they get to the root of the problem. They can effectively dislodge the clogs and debris by pushing them down or pulling them out. Even if the clogs are pretty solid, snakes can effectively break them out.

If you want best results, you can seek the help of people who are experts in drain snaking. As a team of friendly, experienced, and honest professionals, we use mechanical drain snakes that effectively get the job done. We value safety and reliability during each work assignment.

Clogged Toilet or Sink: How to Clean

Clogged Toilet Cleaning

Tutorial by Toronto Drain Service.

Hello friends.

Today we want to get back to basics, and tell you about clogged toilet cleaning and repair. Remember: when your toilet or sink gets clogged, the problem lies in the drain.

Clogged Toilet / Sink

So recently we had a job in Mississauga. We were dealing with a usual case of a clogged toilet, thus we dug up and replaced a piece of a pipe, which then happened to be a part of the storm system.

What is a storm system? It is almost the same as a sewer system, but it gets only the rainwater from your catch basins and, accordingly, outputs water that is much cleaner than the chemical composition of the water from the sewer system. Accordingly, it requires a different type of treatment. That is why in Mississauga, we have two systems that are completely separate from each other. Mississauga is much younger than Toronto and people have taken Toronto’s experience into account with regards to construction of sewage systems and water treatment facilities in Mississauga.

The systems are completely separate, but they are close. This may raise issues when replacing, for example, a damaged part of a tube. Checking the type of drain to perform clogged toilet cleaning is very simple. After digging and the removal of an old or damaged pipe, it is necessary to flush the toilet. If we see water in the pit – it is the sewer system. Otherwise, we are dealing with a storm drain.

Then we look for the drain, also nearby, which can also cause confusion. After cutting the pipe, we perform the core procedure to deal with clogged toilet: drain cleaning, then replace all parts of the storm drain system and perform a more accurate diagnosis of the two systems with a camera inspection.

On both of these two systems we install cleanouts, which facilitate easier access to the pipeline in the future. With cleanouts installed back-to-back, we can inspect the whole system much easier.

All endpoints of your drain system, be it a toilet, bathroom, shower, laundry sink or kitchen sink, must be attached to the sewer system.

Therefore, we, the experts AAADrain, after each replacement and installation of back-to-back cleanout meticulously check all of your system.

After all our trenching/digging projects involving a full or partial replacement of drain systems, clogged toilet, sink, and drain cleaning, you get an inspection with a camera and mechanical snaking, if necessary, completely free.

All of our drain replacement, drain service, clogged toilet / sink cleaning, etc, and waterproofing procedures are licensed and insured.

Stay with us, stay dry.

Clogged Drain Repair

Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you how to decide whether you need any clogged drain repair, cleaning, maintenance, and full or partial pipe replacement in your sewage system. You will say that your system works perfectly fine and you will be right. But the problem is, we do not notice how our sewage system just works, we only notice it when something goes wrong e.g. wet basement, clogged sink, clogged drain, etc. In worst case scenarios e.g. blockage and backup, this means a big sanitary problem.

In order to prevent such problems, and tedious things like clogged drain repair, drain maintenance needs to be carried out every now and then.

When and how?

Clogged Drain Repair

If you encounter an unpleasant smell in your basement at least somewhat regularly, you need to perform a camera inspection to get an idea about the state of your system. Ensure the pipes are not clogged. This way you can prevent a backup.

After the inspection, you decide what to do next. You can snake if the tree root is small and in the same place, but remember that the snake may cut only the portion of the root, which is inside. Afterwards, the root can still continue to grow in the pipe and your clogged drain repair efforts will have proven useless. Thus, if you had to resort to snaking at least twice over the course of a year, you should consider replacing your system.

It may be complete or partial replacement of the sewer system, we define it after the inspection with a camera. If the root or the blockage is only in one place you can do a partial replacement of tubes. Otherwise, you will most likely need to do a complete replacement of your sewer system.

If there is a building trap on your sewer line, it should be changed. About 90% of all blockages occur in building traps, which are also virtually impossible to work on with a snake.
Buying a new home, you usually do not know beforehand about the state of its sewage system. Especially if there are trees growing on your land, it is better to play it safe and perform a camera inspection to prevent possible problems in the future.

Take some time and make sure your home is safe. We can help you with this.

In particular, our 15 years of experience in the care of sewage systems and elimination of sewage problems will come handy. We have considerable experience dealing with common problems such as clogged drain repair, wet basements, etc. All our work is licensed and covered by insurance. Also, each digging work you will get you a free camera inspection.

In the case you require our services more than once, we will provide a discount of 10%.
Stay dry.