Storm Drain: Functions, Problems, and Solutions

Rainy days are here again and people now expect flooding in the paved streets, parking lots, and driveways. But if there’s a clear and effective storm drain, say goodbye to those problems.

How does a storm drain work?

storm drain

Storm drainage systems are designed to drain out the water after a storm (e.g. heavy rains, melting of snow). This helps prevent the accumulation of water and flooding in certain areas.

In all Toronto establishments (residential, commercial, industrial, and government), these drain systems are crucial to minimizing hassles and property damages. Weather can be unpredictable and we’ll never know when the next heavy rain will occur. That’s why these drain systems are crucial and they have to work all year round.

Storm drains take away the water. If the accumulated water is allowed to stay in a certain area (for long periods), these might cause hassles and damages.

Flooding and property damages

In Toronto, you see many floor areas (e.g. roads, driveways) made from concrete and asphalt. If they are exposed daily and in long periods (especially floods), they might develop cracks and deformities.

Concrete and asphalt are slightly soluble in water. This means regular exposure to water can dissolve some parts of the roads and other concrete and asphalt surfaces. At first, the damages won’t be visible. But daily rains and floods that don’t subside will eventually make a mark on those surfaces.

Damage to cars, tires, and other objects

Storm water also accumulates in parking lots, paved streets, and even garages. The flood might reach those areas especially during consistent and heavy rains.

The result is that all the objects that pass through those areas will be exposed to the storm water. Cars and other vehicles will need to get through those water. Dirt and grime will stick to the cars and tires as a result.

The scenario gets worse if the cars are partially immersed for some time. The car engines and other parts will be prone to damages. This results to expensive repairs and replacements.

Aside from cars, other objects are also normally present within flooded areas. Plants and outdoor furniture are also nearby. Garden plants and flowers might die because of immersion in water for a long time. You might also see some deformities on the wooden furniture outside.

The outdoor walls and fences might also receive some of the damage. These might need repairs, repaint, and replacements after the flood subsides.

Hassles to residents, employees, and other people

Because of a clogged drain, accumulated storm water can also cause hassles to people.

For instance, when there are flooded paved streets, it gets harder to drive and maneuver. The drivers are also extra careful so the water doesn’t splash too much.

In parking lots around commercial and government establishments, parking the car becomes an extra chore. They want to avoid the water because they need to protect their cars from storm water.

Maybe the employees and the staff will need to park far away. Or maybe they have no choice but to park where the storm water is. Whatever the case, it’s a hassle for everyone. It becomes an extra challenge to go to work.

Unnecessary expenses for property repairs

Property damage repairs can be really expensive. This is the case especially if the damages are the result of long-term exposure to storm water.

Aside from being an eye sore, long-staying storm water will soak floors, walls, cars, plants, furniture items, and other objects. Some of the water might even go to the gardens and ruin the landscaping.

In all these cases, you have to spend some money to undo all the damages. These might include repairing, repainting, and replacements. These are all costly and there might be unexpected expenses later on during the repairs.

If the problem is recurring due to a blocked storm drain, the expenses add up. The repairs needed might be costlier than before. In time, these repairs might lead to total replacements which are more expensive.

The quick solution: storm drain cleaning and repair

To avoid all of the above problems, a storm drain cleaning will help you save money.

You won’t have to worry much during heavy rains. You have the peace of mind that your storm drain system will drain out all the water.

If the storm drainage are clear, you will prevent the accumulation of water in parking lots, driveways, paved streets, and other areas.

Clearing the drains is a quick and effective solution to drain out the water and minimize the property damages.

Heavy rain last night?

This morning you saw accumulated storm water in your street and in your parking lot. One reason it got to that is because of the clogged drains.

Clogs and solid debris will block the water from passing through. Instead of going into the sewer system or bodies of water, the water stays in one location.

The straightforward solution is to remove the clog using powerful tools. Professionals often utilize quality equipment for the job. They completely remove the clog and ensure water is flowing out freely.

If you noticed a swamped garden or water that doesn’t subside in your area, one suggestion is to ask for a professional drain cleaning service. This way, the water will completely subside and even it will rain again tonight, you won’t worry about the floods.

Professional Toronto storm drain services

Experienced professionals have the expertise and powerful tools to clear out the clogs. They also repair the warped drainage pipes so water can freely flow out.

Maybe there’s already flood in your area. Our team of drain professionals can take care of that. We will work on the drains and remove anything that blocks the water.

If you suspect you have blocked drains, we can also confirm that. We perform thorough inspections to confirm the problem. Then, we use our powerful tools to completely remove the debris if there’s any.

A proper storm drain cleaning will actually help you save money upfront and in the long run. You enjoy a worry-free life even during heavy rains. That’s because the storm drainage system is properly working all day and all night.

If you need professional drain cleaning services, our experienced team can handle residential, commercial, and industrial requests. You can call us now at +1 416-858-4444 for a no-obligation and FREE consultation.

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

When it comes to commercial drain cleaning Toronto businesses always need a quick and reliable service. That’s because blocked drains will always be urgent problems for many businesses and establishments.

Commercial drainage cleaning services

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

Why are blocked drains an urgent concern for many commercial establishments?

One reason is that it interrupts business operations. Imagine having a flooded office because of the sudden heavy rain last night. It’s even a coincidence that clogs are already in the way. That’s why there’s accumulated water in certain places.

Aside from that, the flood is sure to make the office items and other workplace equipment far from functional. Add to that the damage to the property. Both in the short run and long term the business needs to spend a large amount for repairs and replacements.

Commercial drain cleaners

That’s why many hire commercial drain cleaners to prevent the flooding problem early on. Unblocking drains needs a professional touch because of its laborious nature and need for expertise.

Unclogging drains is only about removing the accumulated dirt and debris from inside the drain system. However, the debris could be pretty solid which makes it hard to remove. That’s why professionals often use powerful tools such as a drain snake to remove the solid debris.

Commercial drain cleaning Toronto

Drain snaking can be laborious and it requires the use of professional tools. This way you’re sure that the job gets done right. No possible damages will also occur. Your business or commercial establishment will also benefit in the long term.

It’s good to hire the best drain cleaners because you’ll be sure of great results. You won’t have to worry about blocked drains anytime soon because you’re sure of quality services.

Local plumbers and drain experts

It’s also good to hire the best local plumbers and drain professionals who have years of experience. Their experience helps them assess the situation accurately and provide more cost-effective solutions.

It’s the same case with both plumbing and drain issues. They require expertise because of the delicate and laborious nature of the job. It’s also good to have long-term solutions in which only the experts can provide.

Many businesses often choose to work with reputable companies. That’s because they want to guarantee results. This is also to prevent any problem that might occur in the near future. These reputable companies give peace of mind.

Commercial drain cleaning services near me

It’s good to rely on someone near you. This way you can seek help anytime and expect fast services.

We understand that clogged drains require urgent and fast action. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay extra to get the services you need. What you need is a fast, excellent, and yet affordable service to unclog your drainage system.

That’s why we offer affordable prices for commercial drain cleaning Toronto services. We understand that businesses also require affordable solutions to solve all of their drain problems.

Call us now at +1 416-858-4444 for a free consultation. Tell us your problem and our friendly staff will handle your concern.

Emergency plumber Toronto

Need an emergency plumber Toronto? Plumbing issues no matter how small often require urgent attention. In addition, professionals should do the job if you want to get great results.

Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Many residents (and even commercial establishments) look for plumbers near their location. That’s because they need a quick and professional service. For example, during large pipe leaks, a plumber should arrive fast on site to stop the problem.

It’s also the case with clogged toilets and blocked drains. It’s a huge hassle. Clogged toilets should not wait for tomorrow. Professionals should fix the blocked drains right away to prevent floods. The Toronto weather is often unpredictable and heavy rains can come anytime. If the drains are blocked, sudden flooding and damage to property will be the likely result.

Local plumbers in Toronto

Old homes and other establishments are often prone to plumbing and drain problems. Leaks because of deformed pipes can happen anytime. Also, dirt and debris might accumulate in the drain systems through the years.

Our local plumbers can fix all that. We provide timely services to old plumbing problems. Our fast services also guarantee that there will be minimal interruptions.

Even new homes and commercial facilities can experience plumbing and drain issues anytime. That’s why we offer residential and commercial plumbing services. This way, they can proceed to their normal activities as soon as possible and proceed back to their normal activities.

24 7 Plumbing Services

A clogged toilet or a huge leak can happen in the most inconvenient time. Maybe it’s the middle of the night or you just got home from work all tired and exhausted.

Well, we have your back. Call us anytime and we’ll rush towards your place and fix the problem. Even if it’s a holiday or weekend, you can contact us and we’ll provide a timely response. We understand that plumbing issues require fast and immediate action.

Our 24 hour plumbing services have already benefited hundreds of customers all throughout Toronto.

Plumbers on call

Leaks and clogged drains could cause the most inconvenience and stress to residents. These huge problems require a professional touch (and quick action) to produce results and solve the problem.

That’s why we provide professional plumbing services. We use powerful tools such as drain snakes to completely unclog the drains. Our highly trained plumbers and drain professionals also have many years of experience in the field.

Emergency plumber Toronto

emergency plumber toronto

When it comes to choosing an emergency plumber Toronto residents and businesses know the clear choice. We’ve already repaired various plumbing and drainage problems for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

When people tell us their plumbing problems, we already know right at that moment what to do. It’s the result of our years of experience working on different plumbing issues.

During the free consultation, our customers experience the surprise when they know that we offer affordable and upfront rates. Suddenly, they gain peace of mind while talking to us.

In addition, they also witness how fast and how efficient we work. It’s the result of training and extensive experience. That’s why many homeowners rely on us for their plumbing and drain needs.

We provide free consultation if you call us now at +1 416-858-4444. We will answer your inquiries and work on the site as soon as possible.

Sump Pump Installation Service

Need a sump pump installation service? A sump pump will pump out the water out of your basement. This way, your basement can stay dry and you can use the space for storage and other purposes.

However, before you ask someone to install a sump pump in your basement, it’s good to take note of a few things.

Sump pump installation by professionals

sump pump installation

First, experienced professionals should do the job. Why? There are different sump pumps available with various features and specifications. In addition, basements also have different total areas and the location of the house will also affect what sump pump to install and how to do it.

Experience plays a huge part in this type of job. There are many variables to consider before professionals can install a sump pump. Many ordinary people can install a sump pump for basement. However, if you want to ensure the best results, it’s good to have professionals do it for you.

Basement sump pump services

Sump pump installation is about solving basement flooding problems. It pumps the water out and it should remain that way especially when heavy rains come.

That’s why it’s good to have the best sump pumps in homes and basements. It’s crucial that these areas remain dry. It’s a small investment compared to the property damages and hassles prevented by the small equipment.

Other services to prevent basement flooding

Aside from installing sump pumps, there are other ways to help prevent basement flooding. One is waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is also a straightforward way to prevent water from coming into your basement.

In addition, drain unblocking will also help. Often, floods occur in areas because there is no way for the water to flow out. If the drains are clogged, water can stay (and accumulate) in a particular location.

Yet, the ways required might vary depending on your home structure and location. It’s recommended to consult professionals so they can see the problem first hand. This way, they can implement cost-effective solutions that are sure to prevent problems.

Why sump pumps are important

Sump pump systems are designed to take the water out and help in keeping the place dry. If the water accumulates and stays, water will soak the areas and invite microorganisms. As a result, this kind of environment helps microorganisms thrive and grow.

It’s an unsanitary sight to see. Also, property damages are likely to result, which will eventually require costly repairs and replacements.

That’s why it’s good to have professionals to inspect the site and recommend viable solutions. Installing sump pumps might be one of those solutions.

Sump pump services in Toronto

We offer professional sump pump installation services at affordable rates. We already have over 15 years of experience in installing sump pumps, waterproofing, and drain cleaning.

Since we want to make sure homes are free from plumbing and drain problems, we provide quick services to solve problems quickly.

Do you worry about basement flooding? Let us work on the site and we’ll provide you long-term and cost-effective solutions. Call us now at +1 416-858-4444 for a free consultation.

Drain snake – drain cleaning with snake

Hello friends. Today we would like to tell you about drain snake – one of the most important tools used for drain cleaning. We provide drain cleaning and drain snaking services in Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, all across GTA.

drain snake

First of all we would like to tell you about the reasons your drain system might get clogged. Reasons include paper, food particles, plastic, fats, and other foreign substances which don’t belong to the drain system. The sole responsibility of the drain system is to transport water and waste – everything else doesn’t belong there and usually causes a drain blockage (clogged drain).

Thus if you’ve got a clogged drain, you need to take action immediately. A drain won’t unclog itself – it needs to get cleaned (with a drain snake, powerjet, etc) from the inside, or have a pipe fully or partially replaced. A drain snake does a great job at cleaning the drain pipes fast and cheap, saving you time and money.

We have 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems, waterproofing, and water service across GTA. Fully customer-oriented, we come up with solutions that work for you. If you’ve got any problems with your drain system, backwater valve, blocked pipes, building traps or any other plumbing issues at your home or office, all you have to do is give us a call.

We offer the following services: drain camera inspection, drain cleaning (incl. drain snake), drain system replacement and installation, installation of a backwater valve, building trap removal, sump pump installation and replacement, waterproofing and water service.

When you need punctual, friendly, and fairly priced service which cares for you and your home – just give us a call. All of our specialists are licensed, and all of our work is under a lengthy warranty. We use the latest technologies, and have 15 years of experience specifically across GTA.

Call us, and stay dry.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in GTA

Today, AAADrain specialists would like to tell you about our new drain replacement service which utilizes trenchless sewer repair, a non-digging technology. Such a service is available for residents of Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto. It can save you money and allow us to perform necessary procedures while leaving your landscape intact. So how does it work?

How trenchless sewer repair works

Just like our most drain replacement procedures, before trenchless sewer repair we perform a camera inspection to assess the state of your drain system. We localize your drain line, check the direction of pipes, acceptable measures for the drain system. If we’re replacing an old pipe with new one its important to leave the rest of the system intact, which can get more challenging if multiple pipes change directions.

For trenchless sewer repair we need two ditches and a machine that will push new pipes through old ones. This machine is called a pipe booster. It is a rather new technology which can help you save your gardening efforts and your landscape. But for this method to work, your old pipe must have one and only one unchanging direction and the drain system must have an appropriate slope.

Water Service

Additionally, with the help of a pipe booster we can also replace your water service. Also a trenchless technology, it will save your time and money, along with leaving your landscape unscathed. It does however require more preparation work, such as a camera inspection, and if you have a large front yard it will make things much easier.

But why choose us over other drain service providers? We have 15 years of experience performing drain cleaning, drain replacement, trenchless drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, and drain pipe replacement.


With fair pricing that puts the consumer first, we never charge any hidden fees, let you know about the cost upfront, and come up with a solution that works for you. Additionally, we provide a warranty for 20 years.


We also perform full or partial drain replacement, trenchless sewer line repair, trenchless sewer replacement procedures to fix your broken sewer or replace your outdated drain with a newer one that will last decades. In addition, we can also install a backwater valve, remove any building traps, sump pumps, replace water service, and even waterproof your house from inside and outside.

All our work is licensed and under a warranty.

Call us at 416-858-4444.

Drainage Pipe: Function, Problems, and Solutions

A drainage pipe is a system that “drains” away water from an area. Commonly, this is to prevent the accumulation of water or flooding on basements and yards. In addition, drainage pipes also help prevent soil erosion and the creation of swamp-like conditions.

As a result, if each drainage pipe is working properly, this can prevent damage to properties and maintain sanitation in certain areas. This will help you avoid repair and replacement costs. You will save your money and instead spend it elsewhere. Your drain systems will be working 24/7 even without your constant attention.

What happens if a drainage pipe isn’t working properly?

But if the drains don’t work well, water will accumulate in the areas instead of flowing out. For example, if the basement gets flooded, the floors, walls, and your items will suffer from damages. You will spend money for replacements and repairs. In addition, this is also a huge hassle because everything takes time before it gets back to normal.

The problem gets worse because the weather is unpredictable. It could be that before you have time to recover, heavy rains start pouring again which further floods the basement. That’s why it’s important to make sure that each drainage pipe is working at its best. If you have suspicions about any problem, you should check or ask a professional.

How to determine if there are any drainage pipe problems?

There are common signs. One is the slow rate of draining. If the water is slowly flowing out, it means there are clogs already in the drainage pipes. The accumulated debris (or a large enough object made its way into the pipes) blocks the water from freely flowing out. This results to the slow rate of draining.

When heavy rains come or there’s a sudden inflow of lots of water in an area, the drain rate might be too slow. This will lead to flooding or having stagnant water in the yard or basement. It’s also a common scenario in bathtubs and sinks. The water fails to freely flow out which is a clear sign of clogged drain pipes.

Aside from clogged drains, another problem is deformed or warped drain pipes. This also prevents the water from flowing because the pipes are now far from their ideal shapes (hence hindering their sole function).

Deformed drain pipes can be a result of years of use (the usual wear and tear). It could also be a result of dozens of other causes known by professionals. Whatever the case, it also causes the same problem as clogged drains. Deformed drain pipes also make it easier for dirt and debris to accumulate. This can also lead to clogging and flooding eventually.

What is the solution?

There are two approaches. One is the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and the other one is asking professionals to do the job.

The DIY approach is straightforward. You use your own tools and expend the effort yourself to fix the problem. If the drains in toilets or sinks are clogged, many residents use a plunger or mixture of mild chemicals to dislodge or dissolve the debris. In many cases it works. In addition, it requires urgent attention that’s why they do whatever they can at the moment.

Some residents use a simple drain snake to directly remove the clog. You can readily buy one from a hardware store and use it immediately. However, you may need some other tools to completely perform the job. Some drain repairs require you to disassemble parts or dig around to spot and repair the problem. In addition, it could get messy and laborious. It’s not even a sure approach especially if you’re not certain about what the problem is.

That’s why residents (and many commercial and industrial clients) prefer working with drain service professionals. These pros accurately determine the problem and deal with the root cause of each issue. They also use powerful tools to repair and unclog each drainage pipe in homes and commercial establishments.

Many residents and other clients choose us because we have over 15 years of experience in solving both simple and complicated drain problems. We also offer a FREE consultation if you call us at +1 416-858-4444.

Let us repair or unclog your drainage pipe if you need a prompt and professional service. We are available 24/7 and we provide urgent attention and action to each problem.

Clogged Drain Toronto – Unblock a Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain Service Toronto

Today, we, AAADrain professionals, would like to tell you what to do in case your drain system suddenly stops working. Or in other words, how to perform clogged drain service.

If you’ve got a problem with your drain and there’s a backup, it will be near impossible for it to go unnoticed, since all the water used in and around your home will not flow to the city’s water system, but flow back to your basement instead. Needless to say, this is quite unpleasant and may have negative consequences for your house and your health.

clogged drain toronto

So what should you do in case of a clogged drain? How to perform clogged drain service? First, stop using any water. If the drain pipes are clogged, the water won’t go anywhere until measures are taken. Clogged drain service here then could mean unblocking the drain with a snake, a hydrojet, or performing full or partial drain replacement.

Snaking may solve your problems within minutes. However, if a tree root is the reason for the blockage, it will grow back and the problem will resurface again.

On the other hand, a hydrojet is very effective when dealing with oil or calcium deposits. If that was the culprit, then we’d obviously the a hydrojet.

During every kind of service we perform a camera inspection, and based on its results figure out a solution that works for you and your family.

Sometimes, the best solution is to perform a full or partial replacement of the drain system. If you have a building trap, we recommend swapping it for two back-to-back cleanouts, and possibly installing a backwater valve, for the insallation of which you get a rebate from the city of Toronto.

Without cleanouts, it becomes much harder to perform drain service, thu s if you don’t have a cleanout we will install one when we perform one of our services. Full or partial drain replacements comes with a 20-year warranty.

If you have any problems with your drain system, just give us a call. AAADrain will put forth maximum effort to solve whatever problem you may have. We have 15 years of experience across the GTA, and the latest technologies in our arsenal. We perform all the work safely, and during a time that works for your and your family.

So call us, and stay dry.


Drain Issues and Problems

Why Drain Replacement

Today, we, AAADrain professionals, would like to tell you about the causes of drain issues, and how to prevent them. Everyone knows the importance of a well-functioning sewer and drain system for cities, neighborhoods, and homes. The city of Toronto is responsible for the city’s systems, so we will not focus on it today. Instead, we will focus on the drain system that runs in your home.

drain replacement

Drain replacement issues usually belong to one of the two following categories – problems that occur due to misuse and a lack of maintenance, and problems that occur regardless of the aforementioned.

Let’s start with the first category. Drain replacement issues can, for instance, occur due to oil buildup from the kitchen sink or items that get into the drain accidentally. This can often happen when there’s a dog in the house, so in that case its best to keep the washroom shut to prevent any problems.

Excess oil buildup occurs due to oil that gets into the drain by the kitchen sink, thus its best to wipe excess oil away and toss it into the garbage instead.

Oftentimes, a root can grow into your drain pipes, especially if you have trees around your house.

All of the mentioned culprits can cause a drain backup, which is never welcome. Those can prevent you from using the washroom or even take a shower.

So to prevent this from happening, you (or with our help) need to perform an inexpensive camera inspection to evaluate the state of your drain system, check all the pipes and traps. We recommend performing such an inspection every few years.

Drain problems can be evidenced by a few symptoms – a bad smell in your basement, audible sounds of flow from your drain pipes, or a water leak in your basement.

If you encounter any problems, just give us a call. We have 15 years of experience solving drain problems across the GTA, the latest technologies, and a flawless reputation. We never charge any extra fees, all the work is licensed, insured, and comes with a lengthy warranty.

You may reach us at 416-858-4444.

Stay dry.

Drain cleaner: What you need to know

A drain cleaner can refer to a chemical (that somehow dissolves the clog) or a device that gets to the root of the problem (drain snake).

In both cases, the goal is to unclog the drain system. This is for the water to flow away through. If the drain system is always clear from clogs, there’s less risk for flooding or water backup.

What happens if the drains are clogged? When sudden heavy rains come (or light rains going on for days), water can accumulate especially in low-lying areas such as the basement. Water has no way to go through because of the clogs.

In our bathrooms and kitchens, clogged drains can also cause problems. Water can also accumulate in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Some of the dirt might back up, which can be a hazardous health issue. It’s also an unpleasant sight for both residents and visitors.

Clogged drains are a serious problem for the residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. Blocked drains can cause property damages and thousands of dollars of expenses if the problem was not taken seriously.

That’s why many people opt for a quality drain cleaner service. But before that, they usually take the do-it-yourself approach. Let’s explore that first. Then we will briefly discuss drain cleaner services offered by experienced professionals.

Drain cleaner: The DIY approach

Drain Cleaner Service - Drain Cleaning
We discussed earlier that a drain cleaner can refer either to a chemical or a device.

In many cases, chemicals and drain snakes can effectively unclog the drains. They both work because they usually directly deal with the root of the problem.

Many residents go for a drain cleaner on toilets and sinks when plunging no longer works. Using a plunger is laborious. Also, if the problem is frequent or persistent, a drain cleaner is the best way to go.

What is a chemical drain cleaner? It partially dissolves the clog. This way the clog can get smaller (or alter its shape). The clog can then freely move down the drain and there will be nothing to block the water.

Residents can easily buy a chemical drain cleaner from the store. In many cases, it can effectively dissolve or remove the clog. Drain cleaning solutions can be made up of strong or mild chemicals.

Many residents also try the mild “chemicals” readily available at home. Many try the use of baking soda and vinegar to clear the clogged drain. They commonly use it in sinks where the problem is just light and not too serious.

Aside from chemicals, some residents also use a mechanical drain cleaner. A common device for this is the drain snake (also called a drain auger or plumber’s snake). It’s called as such because the device resembles a snake.

The drain snake can move through the curves and narrow paths of the drain system. Then, once it touches the clog, the drain snake can pull it out or move it somehow so it can go down the drain. It’s a simple and straightforward approach to unclogging the drain system.

Residents can readily buy a mechanical drain cleaner from a hardware store. Some have figured out ingenious ways to make a drain snake of their own (by using a wire). Just like with the chemicals, a simple drain snake can solve many drain problems.

When do you need a drain cleaner service?

If the above approaches already work, why would you even need a drain service?

There are cases when the clogs are pretty solid. It could be the result of having a large enough object being accidentally dropped into the drain. It can also be the result of years of accumulated dirt and debris.

Another case is when the drain systems in commercial and industrial establishments are clogged. These are big systems which require a powerful device and professional approach.

In homes, offices, and other commercial areas, a professional drain cleaner service might be the best solution. A team of experienced professionals can take care of the problem and even prevent worse problems down the road.

Our team uses powerful drain snakes to completely remove the clog. This will help you prepare for the upcoming rainy days. You won’t have to worry much about sudden flooding because you know the drain is working perfectly.

We also offer a complete drain repair and waterproofing solution. We address each issue promptly and we offer a free consultation. Stay dry and call us at +1 416-858-4444.