Waterproofing Toronto Basements and Houses

Waterproofing Toronto Basements and Houses

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  • October 23, 2015
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Hello friends.

Today we want to tell you about your basement. In the past 12 years, housing prices have risen sharply, and very often people are polishing their basements to bring it to a state of readiness. You can bring your basement ideas to life and turn your it into a living room, gym or storage.

What will this require?

It is necessary that the basement is dry and waterproof on all sides.
On a few occasions, we have worked in beautiful basements, which had a backup. Bad smell, wet floor, and backup so bad that the drywall had to be replaced. To avoid this, start your renovation with drain – the lowest point of your home.

Perform a camera inspection; evaluate the condition of your pipes, both under your home and outside. Make sure that everything is proper and that the pipes do not have roots, shifts, and cracks, all of which can cause clogging in your drain pipes, blockage or backup in the basement.

After the camera inspection, you will see whether there is a need to replace your sewer pipes. This can imply either a partial or a complete replacement of the sewage system. Be sure to think about the installation of a backwater valve and a back-to-back cleanout, if you have not already.

Remember – preventing backup and sewage problems is much cheaper than dealing with its consequences.

Waterproofing Toronto houses

The next step is waterproofing your basement walls. When externally and internally waterproofing Toronto houses, and use delta membranes, hydraulic cement, and aqua blocks for those procedures. We also install fully closed sump pumps and provide you a rebate of up to $ 1750 from the city of Toronto.

waterproofing toronto house

When waterproofing Toronto houses, we also perform water service replacements. There are many dated houses in Toronto with pipes made of lead – it is a toxic material and we strongly recommend replacing them with copper ones instead.

We have 15 years of experience waterproofing toronto houses and providing other aforementioned services. We do not use subcontractors. You only pay the price listed on your contract, with absolutely no hidden fees. We do almost ALL of our work manually to preserve your precious landscape. Fully licensed, we provide extensive warranties for all the work we do.

Hire us, and stay dry.