Unblock Sink

Need help to unblock sink? A clogged sink is a hassle for everyone in the home or a commercial establishment. That is why urgent action is required. You don’t want anybody to see your sink full of water. It is not a good sight to see, especially for visitors. Another thing is you cannot make full use of the sink while in that condition.

Homeowners try to unblock sink with the tools available at their own house. Well in many cases it works. That is because the problem is just a mild one. Maybe the clog is just a soft object. Or maybe the clog is just easy to dislodge even without using professional plumbers’ tools.

Causes of clogged sink

However, there are cases when the clog is pretty solid. The use of available tools at home might not be sufficient to finish the job. Maybe there’s a big enough object that is very hard to dislodge. Maybe it got stuck exactly at some spot in your drain. Or maybe the clog is a result of the accumulation of dirt and debris after many years of use. Little by little, the debris got stuck inside the drain.

How to unblock sink

Whether it is from accumulation of debris or accidental fall of a small object into the sink opening, you might be able to unblock sink with just the use of a plunger. Maybe luck will be at your side during a few times you use it. But there are cases when the problem appears repeatedly. That is the time when you need to go to the root of the problem.

Many other homeowners unblock sink by using chemicals. They apply vinegar and baking soda right into the sink opening. In some cases it works because the vinegar and baking soda somehow dissolved a part of the clog. The clog becomes unstuck. It can now go down freely into the drain.

A few homeowners attempt to use harsher chemicals to unclog sink. However, this is dangerous. The harsh chemicals will cause damage to the skin and eyes. In addition, this might do more damage than good to your sink.

When using a plunger and mild chemicals still don’t work, some people use a cable auger or drain snake. It goes straight to the problem. This is a good tool when the clog is pretty solid and stuck firmly deep into the drain. You can easily purchase a drain snake from a hardware store.

However, you must use the right drain snake for the job. There’s a chance that your choice won’t be the best one for your sink. Here’s another thing. Using a drain snake could be messy and laborious. You might need to detach the pipe below the sink so you can access the nearby area where the clog is. The area below the sink might get flooded if you’re not careful.

A good thing about drain snaking is that it directly touches the clog. Contrast that with using a plunger. The plunger is far away from the clog itself. The drain snake can hook the solid clog and remove it out of the way. Professionals often prefer this tool because it solves the problem completely. They are careful to use a drain snake because they have spent years using it.

Unblock sink with the help of professionals

Of course you can still make attempts to unblock sink by yourself. You should still have a plunger available because it is a handy tool. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to try to unclog your sink. But when it comes to using harsh chemicals, we strongly advise against that. It is dangerous and it might cause damage and injuries.

Using a drain snake can also be helpful. As mentioned earlier, it can still get messy and laborious. It is manual work because you might need to detach some pipes. You also have to be careful while using that tool. That is why it’s still best to let the professionals do the job.

Many homeowners prefer working with experienced professionals to unblock sink. It’s simpler and a no-hassle solution. For example, as a team of experienced professionals we offer 24/7 services. We also use the right tools for each job. This way the problem gets completely solved for the homeowner. Let us unclog your sink if you require professional services right away.