Sump Pump Waterproofing

Sump Pump Waterproofing

Sump Pump

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Today we want to tell you about the waterproofing and protecting your household from the water outside of your home. Specifically, we are talking about installing a sump pump. All the water that you use in your home eventually enters the drain system and exits to the city sewer system to the wastewater treatment plant.
External water is rain or melting snow. In some cases, it can be very uncomfortable when it comes to your household uninvited. So what can you do yourself to prevent the ingress of water into the house?

sump pump

It is very simple – increase the distance from the wall to the spot where the water falls from the roof. Even during not so heavy rain, a lot of water may accumulate near your walls and get through into the basement. The best solution – to waterproof and install a sump pump. Recall that for the installation of a sump pump you get a rebate from City of Toronto up to $1750.


There are many arguments for waterproofing. Water that enters the wall to the level of frost line freezes in winter, the volume of ice is greater than the volume of water. The water will melt and increase the size of the slits in the wall, making your basement vulnerable and allowing water to pass through. This water can make your basement uninhabitable. In the context of real estate prices in Toronto this is particularly important. If you decide to make a finish in your basement, start with replacing the drain and waterproofing, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

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