Sewer backup cleaning

Sewer backup cleaning

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  • June 28, 2016
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Drain blockages and sewer backup cleaning

Hello friends.

Today we would like to tell you about the causes blockages of your sewer system. Based on our 15 years of experience, most problems occur in the building trap. He is the reason for which we can not do a full cleaning of your system or explore its camera. Therefore, we recommend to remove building traps and instead install two back-to-back clean-outs. They make it easier to perform sewer backup cleaning or drain maintenance.

Sewer backup cleaning service

A further problem in older homes is the transition from cast iron to ceramic pipes. Typically, the roots grow in the cast iron pipes. If you have a clean-out on your drain – the roots are easily removed with the help of a mechanical snake. If not, then we recommend that you replace the bottom of the stack, with the installation of clean-out on the stack. With this clean-out we can carry out an inspection with a camera or purge all your main drain.

Another cause of pollution of your sewer system can become excessive hit it fat. This happens, as a rule, through the kitchen stack. This is a problem that is easier to prevent, than solve. Simply wipe away the extra oil from the dishes into the garbage, before cleaning them.

Backups in your basement will bring dirty water, bad smell, humidity, and costly repairs – including sewer backup cleaning. Hence why it is better to proactively prevent them than deal with consequences.

sewer backup cleaning

Camera Inspections to prevent sewage backup

We have a camera, using which we can perform a full inspection of your drain system – check up on its state, determine any problems, and come up with solutions after discussing them with you, the home owner.

Camera inspection is relatively inexpensive, does not take long, and can go a long way in preventing costly repairs in the future.

We recommend conducting such maintenance about once a year. If you have a bad smell in your basement or can not remember the last time you had a sewer system inspection – just call us. We will put maximum effort towards making your drain tick as soon as possible – conducting sewage backup cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

As certified professionals, have 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems across GTA. We respect you and your property. All our work is accredited, and insured.

Call us, and stay dry.