Drain Repair

Drain Repair

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  • June 14, 2016
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Drain repair

Hello friends.

We often receive a question, about whether clients should conduct drain repair or just a service. If you have had to resort to snaking your your drain one or more times — its time to think about drain replacement. However, keep in mind that snake is a heavy duty machine that may damage the inner parts of your drain pipes — especially if they are rather old. In addition, snake or a power jet clean only the inner parts of the tube; if there was a root growing into the pipes, it will start growing faster.

Sewer backups are never anticipated, and usually require costly and comprehensive repairs.

When we perform full drain repair or replacement (both inside and outside of your drain system), we install a backwater valve, which significantly reduces the chances of flooding in your basement from citys sewer system.

We replace old, ceramic pipes with reliable polyvinylchloride pipes, which don“t break down when buried deep and don“t lose their strength and elasticity over time.

We implement the latest technologies in our working process, which make our job easier and consequently help you save your money. We will tell you about our technologies in future blog posts.

We are aware that replacing the whole drain system or conducting a drain repair is costly, and approach every job rationally. We conduct camera inspections to check the state of the system both before and after the work is complete.

Also, as we“ve said before, we recommend swapping building traps for two back-to-back cleanouts, which reduces the risk of backups and makes it easier for us to access the drain system.

If there is a backup in your basement, or a bad smell, just give us a call. We have 15 years of experience dealing with drain problems in the GTA. All our technicials are licensed and certified, and all our work is under a warranty. We are friendly, punctual, and can find solutions to any problem.

Call us, and stay dry.