Drain Cleaning Solution

Drain Cleaning Solution

Drain Cleaning Solution

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Recently, we have had a lot of questions about drain cleaning and drain cleaning solution. Today we have decided to elaborate in more detail on the cause of blockages and various ways of their elimination.

Let’s start with the kitchen.

Along with water, kitchen sinks often get large amounts of fat, food leftovers, leftover vegetables. As a rule, this is the usual cause of the clogged trap under the kitchen sink.

How to unclog kitchen sink

The first tool that is commonly used is the usual plunger, which is present in almost every home. If you have a double sink, try to seal one of them while you work on the other one. Typically, plunger removes about 90% of blockages in kitchen sinks. If the plunger did not unclog your sink, you you can use a manual snake of a small diameter.

Sometimes, the problem is not in the trap, but further down the line. Then you can remove the trap and use a snake of a small diameter. After using the snake, we can determine the amount of fat in the pipe and, if necessary, carry out more thorough cleaning using a powerjet. Also, when cleaning the drain of the kitchen sink, you can use chemical cleaners, but we only recommend that as a preventive measure. When a sink full of water, such means will probably not work, as liquid will dilute the drain cleaning solution concentration and the effectiveness will decrease significantly. Regardless, use chemicals carefully read the instructions.

The next stage – the bath and shower. As a rule, the problems start because of hair. The most suitable method for cleaning is a snake of a small diameter. Once again, you can also use chemical cleaning methods. Once a year, you can carry out preventive cleaning your entire system.

drain cleaning solution

Clogged Toilet

The next step – clogged toilet. If there was a blockage in your drain pipe, this is a serious problem. Clogged underground pipes are usually caused by ingrown roots or calcium deposits. In these types of blockages it is better to perform inspection with a camera to determine the cause of the blockage first. Then use a large mechanical snake, which usually quickly and easily removes the roots from the pipes and you can use your sewer system immediately.

If the source of the problem is a calcium deposit, then the most effective method is a powerjet.

Drain Cleaners

There are other ways of cleaning, such as biocleaning, but they require a lot of time and don’t always work. You certainly can perform cleaning of your sewer system yourself, but in the process you can cause a lot of harm if something goes wrong.

Therefore, if you notice any malfunction of your sewer system, symptoms of which may include extraneous sounds, bad smell, slow liquid draining – call us, we will answer all your questions, and fix any problems you may have with your sewer system.

We have many years of experience in this type of work. All our employees are licensed, and all our work in insured.

Call us, and stay dry.