Drain Blockage Solution – Unclog your drain

Drain Blockage Solution – Unclog your drain

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  • October 16, 2016
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Today, AAADrain specialists would like to tell you about possible drain blockage solution do if your drain has suffered a blockage.

Blockage is a big problem for your house, which can lead to expensive repairs, like carpet or floor replacements, or drywall re-installation.

drain blockage solution

So what should you do if a drain blockage has already occurred? First of all, stop using water, which can make things a lot worse. Next, call us, and we will bring along a drain blockage solution in form of our tools, 15 years of experience, and a competitive price to clear out the blockage.

We will start by performing a camera inspection, to establish the location of the problem. If the problems is on the property of City of Toronto, then we’d need to call 311. Otherwise, we will come up with a solution together. It will likely involve using a snake or a power-jet to clean the drain, or performing a full or partial drain replacement.

A camera inspection will point to the best solution. If the problem is located in the building trap, it will need to be replaced with two back-to-back clean-outs. These clean-outs provide us with full access to the drain system, and make drain service and maintenance a lot easier.

If there is a minor root on the drain line, we can simply get it out with a snake and your drain will be working well for a long time. Power-jet will clean out oil residues, if any.

When we assess the state of your drain system with a camera inspection, we will tell you exactly what problems there are and come up with a solution together.

Why choose us over other numerous companies?

We approach every job with caution.
We are fully licensed, with 15 years of experience working around the GTA.
All our work is covered under a lengthy warranty of at least 2 decades.

So call us, and stay dry.