Clogged Toilet or  Sink: How to Clean

Clogged Toilet or Sink: How to Clean

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  • November 10, 2015
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Clogged Toilet Cleaning

Tutorial by Toronto Drain Service.

Hello friends.

Today we want to get back to basics, and tell you about clogged toilet cleaning and repair. Remember: when your toilet or sink gets clogged, the problem lies in the drain.

Clogged Toilet / Sink

So recently we had a job in Mississauga. We were dealing with a usual case of a clogged toilet, thus we dug up and replaced a piece of a pipe, which then happened to be a part of the storm system.

What is a storm system? It is almost the same as a sewer system, but it gets only the rainwater from your catch basins and, accordingly, outputs water that is much cleaner than the chemical composition of the water from the sewer system. Accordingly, it requires a different type of treatment. That is why in Mississauga, we have two systems that are completely separate from each other. Mississauga is much younger than Toronto and people have taken Toronto’s experience into account with regards to construction of sewage systems and water treatment facilities in Mississauga.

The systems are completely separate, but they are close. This may raise issues when replacing, for example, a damaged part of a tube. Checking the type of drain to perform clogged toilet cleaning is very simple. After digging and the removal of an old or damaged pipe, it is necessary to flush the toilet. If we see water in the pit – it is the sewer system. Otherwise, we are dealing with a storm drain.

Then we look for the drain, also nearby, which can also cause confusion. After cutting the pipe, we perform the core procedure to deal with clogged toilet: drain cleaning, then replace all parts of the storm drain system and perform a more accurate diagnosis of the two systems with a camera inspection.

On both of these two systems we install cleanouts, which facilitate easier access to the pipeline in the future. With cleanouts installed back-to-back, we can inspect the whole system much easier.

All endpoints of your drain system, be it a toilet, bathroom, shower, laundry sink or kitchen sink, must be attached to the sewer system.

Therefore, we, the experts AAADrain, after each replacement and installation of back-to-back cleanout meticulously check all of your system.

After all our trenching/digging projects involving a full or partial replacement of drain systems, clogged toilet, sink, and drain cleaning, you get an inspection with a camera and mechanical snaking, if necessary, completely free.

All of our drain replacement, drain service, clogged toilet / sink cleaning, etc, and waterproofing procedures are licensed and insured.

Stay with us, stay dry.