Basement Crack Sealing with Weeping Tile

Hello friends. Today I want to tell you about some of our recent work. We were sealing a crack in an old house with a basement made of blocks. In these cases, at first it is always necessary to identify the root of the problem, that is the spot where the water gets or might get into the basement.

At a first glance, a minor hole in the wall might not seem like a very big problem, but it can significantly worsen the condition of your life and your home should a critical situation arise. Following the discovery of a crack in the basement, we dig out a trench along the wall, then we clean the wall, allowing us to better see the crack itself. Sometimes, the crack may be stretching horizontally, so we extend the trench and dig up the basement foundation walls to change the weeping tile and fill it up from all sides with gravel.

Weeping Tile

Afterwards, we check the status of the remaining weeping tile using a camera or a water test. If the camera shows the remaining tile in a good condition, we simply fill up the crack hydraulic cement, but sometimes, the blocks are empty inside, so we fill them with masonry cement so the walls of your home are as reliable and strong as possible.

After cementing, we close up the wall with an aqua block and a yellow jack. Yellow Jack is basically a yellow polyurethane mesh, which prevents new cracks to close up the place.

Important note: it is known that the volume of water is less than the volume of ice. When freezing, the volume of water turning into ice increases, which lead to the worsening of cracks. Therefore, it is critical that we don’t allow the entrance of water into the wall outside.

We always carry out the work of this type without moving your furniture and without disrupting the rhythm of your daily life inside the house and the basement. Our work is WSIB licensed and most outdoor work we produce by hand, resulting in minimal damage to your landscape. Hire AAADrain to reliably fix any drain or water damage.

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