Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

Backwater Valve and Drain Replacement

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Today we want to tell you about the partial replacement of your sewer system. Sometimes a partial replacement of sewer pipes is all you need. It may happen so that the pipe is broken in one place or the roots have grown into one place. The whole system seems to be OK, but does not work. This usually happens at the trap, but may be elsewhere. In order to find out the reason we perform a camera inspection, establish the problem and its causes, then start working on the replacement.

At full or partial replacement, we always set the two back-to-back cleanouts, that easier access to your sewer pipes to the next service or maintenance. And now, we would like to tell you about the installation of backwater valve.

Backwater Valve

This device protects your home against the ingress of water in the basement by the urban sewerage, during heavy rains, when the city’s sewer pipes are jammed or cannot cope with large amounts of water.

To install backwater valve slope need a little more than is present in your pipe. To do this, we need to dig another hole, and do slope on the backwater valve by increasing the length of the replacement.

backwater valve

Backwater Valve City of Toronto Rebate

This of course is more expensive than a simple replacement part, but now the city operates rebate program, under which the city will give you up to $ 1,250 for the installation of backwater or backflow valve.

We have all the licenses and insurances, we provide a quote for the work in advance, as well as provide additional guarantees.
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