Back water valve

Today I want to tell you about back water valve and the importance of having one. This handy device can greatly improve the quality of living in your home. It prevents the flooding of your basement, if the currente comes from the main sewer. This is very important because in Toronto, especially in the old parts, there are many urban sewer lines with heavy wear and a chance of tearing. This leads to a greater likelihood that sewage can leak into your basement.

During heavy rains, when the urban sewage is overflowing with rain water, back water valve will also not allow the water to flow into your basement. After installing one, the cost of your home insurance will likely be lowered, and the City of Toronto covers the cost of work with a rebate of up to $ 1,250.

With a joint installation of back water valve and a sump pump, we guarantee the impossibility of flooding in your home.

Stay dry

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