backwater valve installation

Looking for backwater valve installation Toronto services? Perhaps you’ve realized that it’s time to take preventive measures. You want to prevent flooding in your basement. You also want to prevent sewer backup which could ruin your property.

Backwater valve installation will help prevent those scenarios. Its function is to maintain the one-way flow of sewage towards the main sewer system. This is crucial, especially during sudden heavy rains. The sewage and drain system might not be able to handle the sudden influx of water and dirt. There’s a tendency that some of the water might temporarily “back up” to basements.

The City of Toronto is already making improvements on the complex system of underground pipes and sewer lines. But this might not be enough to completely protect your home from flooding. Certain areas and varying elevations might present different risks. It’s now up to the homeowner how to completely prevent basement flooding.

About the Toronto backwater valve rebate

Thankfully, the City of Toronto provides a subsidy program so you can protect your basement from flooding. Up to $3,400 is the amount of the financial subsidy. This includes installation of a backwater valve and other flood protection devices.

For the backwater valve alone, the rebate program allows homeowners to receive up to a maximum of $1,250. Aside from the new installation, eligible work also includes replacement of an existing backflow valve. The subsidy will cover materials, labor, taxes and even the permits.

However, there are certain conditions before you can avail of the subsidy. One of the most important conditions is about who will perform the installation. The backwater valve installation Toronto contractors should have a valid license.

The license should be from the City of Toronto and valid at the time of installation. For example, here at Toronto Drain Service we have all the required licenses and insurances. You can call us today at +1 416-858-4444 if you want to learn more about the installation and rebate.

There are other subsidy conditions, permits, and inspections that the local government requires. Professionals should be able to assist you with these. Whichever is the case, the best thing to do is to have a backwater valve installed as soon as possible.

Why Backwater Valve Installation ASAP?

Sudden heavy rains are getting more frequent and more unpredictable. Imagine it happens this weekend. There’s no backwater valve installed. It could also be that it’s old and not functional. The existing sewer system might not be able to handle the sudden influx of water. As a result, sewage water will back up and fill your basement.

Even just a few minutes of sewer backup will result to massive and costly damages to your property. Think of the thousands of dollars of expenses to repair your basement floors and walls. If there’s a backflow valve in the first place, none of those could have happened. You could have saved thousands of dollars. Not to mention the tons of headaches.

A backwater valve installation Toronto service is affordable. There’s minimal labor required. In fact, the whole installation might only require as low as $100. The combined labor and material costs could be much higher depending on the need for retrofitting. It’s possible that during the course of a weekend, everything will be in place.

You will gain peace of mind because there’s minimal risk of flooding even if it starts to rain. You will also save yourself from a lot of hassles because there’s not much to worry about. Even after a heavy rain, your basement will remain dry and clean.

Minimal initial expenses, huge long-term cost benefits

The overall service is affordable. This is the case especially if experienced backwater valve professionals are doing the job. They can work quickly and efficiently. They could also figure out the optimal solutions depending on your situation.

Different homes and basements might have varying requirements. Professionals can figure out the optimal solutions for those through an initial inspection. They will determine the most cost-effective ways of keeping your basement dry without the unnecessary expenses.

As mentioned earlier, there’s also the rebate program which could help you save more than a thousand dollars. As a result, you’ll only be spending a few hundred dollars to completely protect your home from basement flooding.

In addition, the flood protection device could last for many years. Annual maintenance might still be a requirement. But the expenses will still be minimal. It’s very small when you compare it to the possible cost savings. The total savings could reach up to thousands of dollars.

Other flood protection solutions

Aside from backwater valves, sump pumps and basement waterproofing could greatly help in flood prevention. You could also get a rebate (up to $1,750) in sump pump installation.

The solutions might vary depending on the risks present in the basement and surrounding area. It’s best to ask professionals for a consultation. This way you can explore the optimal solution. This will also help you realize massive cost savings in the long run.

Backwater valve installation Toronto

Here at Toronto Drain Service, we’ve been installing flood protection solutions for Toronto homes for 15+ years. We install backwater valves and sump pumps at reasonable pricing. Our experienced and qualified team also performs complete basement waterproofing and drain unblocking.

We specialize in keeping homes and basements dry. Whether it’s a heavy rain or snowmelt, our work has able to withstand all the water. Our solutions have successfully prevented flooding and allowed homeowners to save thousands of dollars.

We have the licenses issued by the local government. Our team can install the backwater valve while helping you secure the rebate. We will help you secure the eligibility while ensuring that your home is totally safe from basement flooding.

Call us today at +1 416-858-4444. You can tell us your concerns about the rebate and backwater valve installation. We will provide you with a free consultation. This way, you’ll be able to explore your best options. We provide a professional, fast, and affordable backwater valve installation Toronto service.